Bad loss...

Probably knocks us out of 9 seed and puts us at 11 seed or worse. Now this means we will have to win 25 games to get in the tournament and absolutely need to beat Florida or South Carolina. This was a horrible loss, Mizzou has a 262 RPI.

Horrifying loss.

An insult to bad losses unfortubately.

There are few if any at large bids below an 11 seed

Truly pitiful… NCAA ain’t going to happen without a miracle, but I don’t think it will happen. CMA really should be on a very very hot seat next year.

This realistically knocked us out of most bracket projections. I don’t like our chances at Florida. I did like our chances on neutral couts, but they will have a hard time finding ways to gain confidence, quickly running out of time now.

That was painful to watch.