"Bad Loss?"


We already needed a “good win” anyways though.

Still not there.

Still have multiple opportunities to get it.

Plenty of time until March.

This will just be a road loss. The committee wont care how much we lost by

^ This right here.

This is not a bad loss at all, and the committee doesn’t care if you lose by 1 or by 100. This loss didn’t even move our RPI. We’re still at a 29 RPI. Oklahoma State moved from 41 to 37.

Thanks for the ratings update, which (at my advanced age and limited intellect) I could not easily obtain otherwise. And your thesis is very correct that so long as we “mind our knitting” by putting this behind us and play well for the remainder of the season we will be okay (make the big dance, etc.). However, in defense of the original poster, I will agree that for me (a loyal Hog fan) it was a “bad loss” in that it was literally 40 minutes of hell that lasted a little over two hours. I look forward to the bad taste being washed out of my mouth by good play from our Hogs for the remainder of the season and post season.