Bad loss…. We can all recognize it…

But here is the problem in a nutshell!

Our OL is not good enough , we can’t get short yardage when we have to, and can’t protect when we need to!

Our DL is not deep enough or good enough to get pressure , we are beat up and worn out but if you can’t see that once we got to a SEC schedule it’s gone way down hill…

We are not very good in the secondary, have given up deep balls all year, had Texas hit some of theirs that game would have been different.

Defensively, our scheme is on film by now, so our warts are exposed and the holes are identified… unless we can shore it up we will get exposed from here on out! We play ball in the SEC, coordinators make millions of dollars to find ways to attack… I’m concerned about this the most , because I simply don’t think we have the depth or talent to overcome these warts just yet…

I still would have taken 4-3 at this point of the schedule (the hardest in the nation) at the start of the season… but everyone is raw myself included, because we just left two wins on the field the last two games and it’s frustrating…

Big picture; we must make a bowl game this year … we need the extra practice! We need to make some hard decisions with this roster, some will need to be sent packing…. We need to hit on all are recruits, and need to hit the transfer portal… I think it’s way to soon to start talking about staff changes… let the season play out….

We need these next two weeks, rest some starters next week against UAPB, and the all import by week… after that we must beat MSU at home! That will be for bowl eligibility, we need those extra practices!

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If we play in any other conference in the nation we are most likely 7-0 or 6-1 and ranked in the top ten.

Still think this team is a top 15 or top 20 type team. We have the QB and running backs along with Burks to put up 51 points at Ole Miss. We hold a good Tex AM to 10 points and Texas to 20.

We just have to put it all together over the rest of the season to show we are capable of being a legit top15 team

With Pittman as our coach I will say this team will not give up and they will bounce back the rest of the season.

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