Bad holiday news

My daughter just called. My 2 year old grandson has Covid. While we are prying he gets well soon it sure will mess up the holiday.


Prayers for sure

Yes praying for the baby

Prayers for you Army! It was always bad when my kids got sick even worse with my grands. Hang in there my friend.

Many prayers for your grandson, his parents, and his grandparents.

Prayers for your grandson and family.


:pray: :pray:

Prayers for a quick, healthy recovery.

Prayers sent!

Prayers sent.

Prayers for the baby and family. Odds are great that the baby will be fine.

Sending prayers to your grandson, you, and family Sir.

Prayers sent up for your grandson.

Wishing your grandson a quick+healthy recovery and wishing your Daughter, yourself and your family the very best during this difficult time. I want the best for all of you.

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