Bad grades at Auburn for football, so firings must follow

I doubt this goes very far, but the former director of acadmic suppport was fired March 1 and now he is raising the issue of token black male fired at the whitest school in the SEC (quantitatively measured). Bad grades would never have happened in the days of Mr Yellow Wood being in charge, lots of tottering on the athletic front of the most beautiful village on the plains.

Florida (.61) is the most diverse of SEC schools and Aubbie (.27) is the least, AR is (.38).

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Not exactly surprised that Auburn is the least diverse. Actually UA ranks fairly high in diversity compared to other SEC schools, especially considering where the school is located (UALR is at .62, for instance, and I feel pretty safe in saying the difference is largely due to where the campus is). Bama, OM, KY, Misery, EOE-K, and Aubie are all less diverse than UA. Moo U is barely more diverse at .40, and we’re tied with SoCar at 0.38. Jawja and SAO are at .47. TAM is .57.

Vandy is actually the most diverse SEC school at .65, Ray. Surprised you missed that.

No surprises there. Just to point out too, that Arkansas is 77% Anglo population wise, compared to other sec schools.

Little rock is no where near 77% White folks. and we have a growing Mexican and Indian population.

I love diversity, especially since it makes for some really great restaurants. No longer are Browning’s and Casa Bonita the “Mexican food” choces, thank goodness.


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Washington County is like 3% black. Benton County is even whiter; there were more Asians and Native Americans there in 2010 than blacks.

wow, those are Wisconsin numbers


Is Auburn AD African-American?

Yes he is.

Someone should have built a wall around Brownings. That was really bad ’ Mexican ’ food.

This actually may go somewhere because a high placed Bama alumni (and they think they own the SEC) will want it

Pop corn and watch

I never thought Brownings was Mexican food. Did they warm up TV dinners?


Clay as a kid I used to love El Chico tv dinners. I never loved anything about Brownings.

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