Bad defense, but I wonder if the field

Is slippery. Regardless, that error does us in.

BTW, I can’t stand that Beau Jordan. I hope we win the rubber match just so I don’t have to see that jerk jump & yell.

We simply blew this game.

Choked hard all night.

Not over yet they’re trying to help us some tying Run come to the plate

Blow it off! They scored off errors and those errors were committed by players whom have made plays on defense and with the bat all year that have been game winners! The field must have been wet.
That’s the only way Jake slip and falls on his rear end. The ground ball to first base
The soft roller to third. Simple LSU should not have scored those last 3 runs.
The hogs will come out tomorrow and play hard.
Maybe the see and I base hits fo our way tomorrow