Bad decision to kick a field goal

The kicker is undependable.

We weren’t going to stop LSU in overtime even if the kicker had managed to kick a field goal in the rain. Our defense was exhausted.

Our best chance for a win was to gamble on 4th down. Sam must not be a poker player.

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Hindsight is 20/20. If he didn’t make the first down he would be blasted for not trying the FG.

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It is not hindsight. It is an examination of the risks vs. the rewards. I was screaming not to kick it before it was ever kicked. I wish you could have seen me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Not just that, but our kicking game isn’t very reliable and it was raining. That was not the situation to go for a 40+ yard field goal.

It was at the limit of his range and he is a 50/50 kicker at best. Our 4th down conversion rate is higher than that plus we were depleted on defense and do not want overtime. You go for the win.

Reed thought he kicked it well and it was straight. The tip took away the distance. Without the block the game probably would have been tied.

If you don’t kick a field goal there and fail on fourth-and-3, you’re questioned about why you didn’t kick the field goal. It’s kind of a no-win scenario when it doesn’t work.

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Going into the kick, AJ Reed was 6 of 8.
Last year he was 15-of-18.

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I agree, before it was muffed I was screaming at the HC. Dumb dumb dumb. And, frankly, where in the world does the confidence come from, not from anything I’ve seen.

Normally I’d agree, but the weather elements were the biggest concern for me in going for the field goal.

I’d have gone for it. It seems we’ve come thru more than once on big 4th downs this season running plays we know we can run, a big reason we’ve been able to stay in games and have the wins we do.

I didn’t like the FG call because I didn’t want to play for the tie; didn’t feel our defense would have been very stout in OT after having been on the field for 45 minutes.

Yeah, that was a biggie to me. Give the offense a chance to get a first down and then win it. Save the defense from OT.

And, wet field had cost Franks a couple of slips, and Reed is anything but the kicker advertised (ah, the politics of grad transfers…pity Matthew Phillips who matched or out-kicked him in fall camp, and does the same every week in the season). I was worried about a slip on the catch by Lindsey, the snap by Silver, or the plant by Reed. That it was tipped is the best of the potential bad outcomes. It looked like he hit it though.

What bothers me more than the missed filed goal try is the simple fact the 3rd down pass was not beyond the first down yardage! You make a first down there and it could be a lot different.

I wonder what play call would have had a greater chance of sucess than the FG. Certainly not any run. LSU covered the slants pretty well. Maybe a flip to the tight end. Just wonder if our lack of success on short passes factored in.

It was the wrong call for tons of reasons:

  1. Our history with STs
  2. Weather
  3. The way he had kicked in the game (near chip shot miss(es) and near block) and this season.
  4. The fact LSU would have still had time to go score on our gassed defense
  5. The fact that OT is a 50/50 proposition.
  6. The fact it was short yardage for a 1st down.

From an analytics standpoint (and based on everything that was happening) the right play was to go for it. That’s not second-guessing. I was screaming at the TV. You could see it coming from a mile away. It reminded me a little bit of the Dak/BA game.

I knew it was coming.

We moved the ball today by (1) throwing on first down, (2) throwing forward (not laterally) and throwing more. We lost by not throwing; QB running, QB falling, and kicking bad.

I most definitely would have went for it because our special teams have been pretty sad all year… But we were 0-10 when we needed a 1st down against that terrible defense so he probably thought the FG was the higher % play…shouldn’t have come to that but we are struggling right now.

The struggle is caused by the poor play calling running all the junk in the back field and being too hard headed running the ball! Missing the D lineman caused a lot of issues today.
There is no excuse for the horrible offense today! None not this late in the year. Briles needs to take an extra look in the mirror and fix his play calling.

I am not second guessing, but was thinking at the time to go for it. Go for the win. The defense had played as well as possible, but they were not going to stop LSU and our FG kicking and special teams in general has been bad.

I do second guess the third down call (easy to do from my couch. That little deal to Smith had not worked all day. LSU had two on it every time. Throw the ball pass the line to gain.

Totally agree we should have thrown more. We moved it when we threw it. LSU was one of the worst teams against the pass.