Bad decision at UA started a long time ago … long-time/
While I agree with the chronology of bad decisions long past from later days of Broyles & Nutt, Gus-fiasco, John White, Stan Heath, Pelphrey, Altman, Petrino, smith, Bielema etc. I see no correlation of the past with present decisions. Only that we are apparently in a state of tailspin, a sustained decline in football program, and emotional let down to this point. The present situation is the result of decision made apparently by the Board of Trustees to fire the AD in haste without thinking it through with bad timing and bad planning. Now Steinmetz and Julie Cromer Peoples are scrambling to do something, and something is not good enough. Because the result of what they do, can be consequential for their carrier as well. So the “days of our lives” drama continues… … long-time/

I agree that almost none of his column has anything at all to do with today. However, I don’t believe we’re necessarily in a tailspin. I think it was a bad decision to fire Jeff Long. I admit I’m afraid that was done without any plan in place other than to make a futile run at Gus Malzahn. If so, that really made it a bad decision. However, I’m confident we can regain some positive momentum with a new AD & a new HC, provided we can name both promptly & don’t completely drop the ball on either hire.

I don’t expect us to supplant Bama, LSU or Auburn in the SECW pecking order anytime soon, but we can be very successful without doing that. (We finished fifth in the country in 2011, the same year we finished 3rd in the SECW.). Besides, it’s still uncertain to me that Orgeron won’t screw up at LSU.

It started when agenda driven Wally began his column.

Kinda convenient to stir controversy and all sides to the middle for your own purposes isn’t it Wally?

His latest as if going back to times and revenues pre integration is the path forward in the modern era is more than laughable.

I see 100% correlation between the bad decisions of the past and where we are today. John White set the wheels in motion, leading us where we are now. I posted about this exact thing in 2006. John wanted to take control of the athletic dept away from Broyles - even though John was totally clueless. His last act was taking Jeff Long off of Pitt’s hands. The reason we are here is because Jeff put his interests and career ahead of the program’s interests. So, here we are… overcoming the remnants of John White’s bad decisions via Jeff Long’s bad decisions.

(The only thing I thought was inaccurate in the article was the reason Broyles had Nutt hire Malzahn - it wasn’t so Nutt would be a CEO coach. It was to get the Springdale recruits (especially Mustain) which was viewed as a generational opportunity at the time. Nutt quickly sabatoged that as quickly as he could - costing his dumba$$ a chance at the glory he didn’t deserve but thought he did)

I am pleased with your optimism that I’ll all turn out alright. It appears at this time the people in charge are spinning their wheels chasing a ghost. You mentioned expectation, yes we have a reasonable one that a good coach can live with. A little success, bowl games etc. we be happy. Hope it all happen soon.

Hi Bush:
Wally has to write a column with dead lines for living. Ideas are hard to come by. Give him a break.

I’d rather call it cautious optimism. I admit the BOT hasn’t done much to garner any confidence. I just think we’re a strong enough program to come out in reasonably decent shape. Nothing says we must turn out okay, but even if one assumes a lot of bad decisions have been made over the past 20 years, that doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll make a bad hire. Usually it requires some luck to make a great hire. Lord knows we’re due some good luck.