Bad calls and Dum Dum penalties

Is how this butt ugliest of all seasons will end. My oh my. The highlight of my 2019 football season was attending the aggie bonfire Wednesday night. Sad days indeed.

We play a team who has lost 5 in a row. They are relegated to playing their 3rd team quarterback and whip us at home. How bad is that?

They have a coach who looks like Will Ferrell’s stepbrother and just kick our tails.

I don’t know how Hunter Yurachek is going to get a really good coach to come in here and do the job. It looks *%$# near hopeless. What a disaster. How about Jackie Sherrill?

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I’m almost to the point that we should consider a self imposed death penalty next year and start over with new coaches and recruit a whole new team. All I see right now is a losing mentality, particularly in Belemia old players and it has inflected our young players.

Missouri just beat an Arkansas team that it has basically owned since joining the SEC.
They have 5 wins and 1 loss since 2014 when the two started played yearly.
They don’t look at Arkansas as the superior program that many Hog fans seem to feel the Hogs are vs the Tigers. Historically the series stands at 8-3 in the Tigers favor.
The Razorbacks have a long way to go to get to respectability.

Go Hogs!

If Arkansas hires a good coaching staff they can win these types of games. We don’t have the talent of a lot of teams. However, I saw enough dumb mistakes and poor execution on offense and defense that if corrected could have won this game. That includes poor tackling and receivers who do not know how to concentrate on catching the ball. This fundamentals are just not there.

There’s plenty of talent to win games like today! The poor attitude of players and their lack of discipline cost this one and many other games.
How much talent does it take to make a tackle! That takes want too and heart! Something these players fail to show.
Especially on defense. How much talent does it take on 3rd and 11 to avoid being off sides 2 times today! Those plays keep Missouri on the field and they scored.
This hogs team has no leadership or discipline! Let the next HC come in and send them all down the road.

When you have receivers like Burks and Knox with a RB like Boyd you should have figured out what QB could get the ball in each one of these playmakers hands! I’d say this pitiful season comes down to paying a HS coach millions of dollars to make a circus out of Hog football!

Would help if we had a QB who can at least hit the side of a barn and receivers who are not afraid to catch a football when it is on target.

When we were behind and didn’t change To a passing QB,I knew we were doomed. Of course, the only passing QB is Starkel and he would have brought his own brand of baggage. Got beaten by poor execution by players and coaches. Defense actually played ok.

Starkle was on concussion protocol and not available. The same with KJ.

The defense gave a good effort…I agree. When your offense can’t move the ball, eventually it does not matter. Lunney, in my view, should have given Hicks the ball in the 2nd half. He has the experience and is a better quarterback, I think.

Surprised Lunney did not bring in Hicks at the beginning of the 2nd half, or at least the beginning of the 4th qtr, as it was obvious that Lindsey’s passing was not on target.

They fought hard today. Looked much better than in past games. Yeah, MU was down to a 3d string QB, but we were down to our 5th string. We had a lot of people out with injuries & illness. This 2-10 team is no one’s idea of a good one, but the effort was much better. Some bad penalties, dropped passes & missed receivers, but the D played well.

We can criticize this team for many performances this year, but I don’t think this is one of them.

I don’t want to see Hicks at all! Hog Stephen Jones maybe.
The defense choked on big plays and made huge mistakes to keep Missouri drives alive. Period! Poor tackling and lack of pass coverage. On 3 and 4 we played 10 yards off the line and gave them free first downs. I’m sick of this junk. We had a PI face guarding when all you had to do was look back for the ball and pick it off. #4 is the worst in world at getting picked on because he never looks for the ball too’.
The worst defense in hogs history that’s what we have. Actually the worst team in hogs history!

Starkel probably injured himself in the locker room. He wasn’t mentioned as one of the ten not available in the article on HI. I missed that. I thought he was dressed on the sideline.