Bad beats

The last few seconds will definitely make SVP’s Bad Beats Monday night.

O/U was 152. Game was at 151. Black must have just wanted to foul out. Kept hitting the dribbler harder and harder until ref calls the foul at .05 remaining. (I have never seen a foul like that when team was dribbling out a double figure lead).

Anyway, the two free throws covered the over.

Meaningless to most. Important to some.

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If you would have taken the beating Black took tonight you probably would have wanted to knock the fire out of Bama too!


Refs in this Conference are horrible. Our guys get mugged and they swallow their whistles. Our guys barely touch them, it might be intentional. This will fallen the rest of the season unless Muss steps up and gets in the refs faces. Yes, that means getting a Technical every now and then. This can’t continue. And Hunter needs to let Muss know he will support him.

Refs were uneven but not the difference in the game.


I agree with this statement.

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Some seem to say it’s always the refs. We got beat by a better team last night. The refs had nothing to do with those last three 3’s…


That surge reminded me of some runs in the MayDay era where we’d hit several threes in a row and blow people out of the building.

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I thought the same sitting in the stands. Day would nail two to three 3s in quick succession to blow the game open.

Alabama would not have played that sagging defense against any of Nolan’s good teams. Nolan always had a bunch of shooters. That’s why they went to three Final Fours.

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We could lose to the Golden State Warriors with family members of Muss officiating the game, and the same people would still blame the refs.

Regarding last nights officiating, Tony Green is one of the best. The other two were in over their heads imo. I’m flabbergasted they got the Top 15 assignment.

However, we got beat by a great Bama team last night, not by the refs.

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I don’t normally see three Final Four refs working together when league play is going on. If the SEC has four or five Final Four refs in its pool, they are splitting them up in different gyms.

There are a lot better refs than those two last night.

If you can type those comments about the two refs, don’t ever get on to me again about writing or talking about the refs. LOL.

This is second time for me. I got on TV Ted Valentine once during the NR years.


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