Bad baseball!

It’s only 2 games but this team is finding ways to lose.

Not sure what the answer is but I’d like to see a change in line up for game 3. Can anyone else please catch, DH, and play SS? Tired of watching the guys we are sending out there. What started the season as good pitching staff is anything but that. Maybe we can salvage a game but Campbell better be good.

I agree. Time to shake things up a little. I trust about 2 guys on this team in big situations. Shaddy and Cole…maybe Kjerstad too. That’s it!

This vaunted offense, dangerous 1 thru 9, has tamed down quite a bit. I’m not inferring that we are still not a good offense, we do have the potential of power 1 thru 9, and we can still hit the ball, but we haven’t been a good situational hitting club lately.
We still leave way too many scoring opportunities on the field.
We haven’t won one road series yet, and we still have two more road series to play. LSU and GA. Both will be hard to beat at their place.
I still believe we can win the West, but we sure are making it hard on ourselves.
I hope we can salvage one win in this series.
Go hogs!

We showed some of our ability in the first inning of this last game, but it did take a shakeup in the lineup. Lee lead off batter, Wilson at 2b & Opitz catching.

The down fall has been leaving a running on 3 rd base when they were there with less than 2 outs. Also hitting into double plays!
The only thing that sticks out to me is the hits that have been given up on 0-2 and
1-2 counts where the ball is left with a blue light special out over the plate!
The offense has to score!