Bad apples

It’s a true saying that one bad apple will spoil the bunch. It appears there were several bad apples on this team. We wont see the upward spiral until the bad apples are completely gone. I saw a player on Twitter tonight pretty much throw the coaching staff under the bus. I actually thought this player was a leader, but apparently he it looks like he was part of the problem. When you have seniors that play a significant role on the team not buying in it’s no way you can succeed. CCM has to change the whole mindset in order to see the program start to turnaround. I believe he is the right person for the job, now he has to get him players to follow his vision.

He wasn’t ever a leader.

Definitely need to get rid of the bad apples.
Ones gone. But unfortunately as of right now there are still a couple more to go.

Who was it and what did he tweet? Some of us old people don’t use Twitter! Lol!

Same question as others. Who was it…I didn’t see it.

On another issue…maybe the insiders know…the Nance angle in all this KB drama? Was he lobbying KB against Ark? strange they show on Twitter together pictured in Mizzou unis. I’m sure Nance didn’t have good things to say…

KB and JN did visit Missouri the same weekend.

The player being spoken of in this post was Randy Ramsey.

There is another thread on that.