Bad Allegation/Potential Problem

There is an allegation (underscore) that apparently came out on social media last night about a current football player. It’s very disturbing if true. So bad I’m not going to say anything else, other than it’s a potential wrecking ball for the football program if it’s true and has not been handled properly by the head coach and AD. It’s out there on another board too. Not hard to find.

Sheesh. Sure hope it’s all false, which is possible these days.


Just red the Reddit accusations. Claiming the coaching staff said they wanted to do the same thing and mentioned Pittman by name.

No freaking way. Total BS

Just makes no sense that our coaches would protect a player who is buried way down on our depth chart. Don’t believe everything out on the internet.

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Let’s just hope an investigation is done properly and swiftly for the sake of all parties involved.

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I get why people don’t want to repeat something that isn’t true, but it is frustrating to read something like this and have NO IDEA and NO WAY to find out what you are talking about.

I don’t do social media (other than Facebook). If this is going to get posted about it needs more info or at least a link to where someone can find out what in the world this post is about.


There is a social media account that has made allegations about Kade Renfro, a quarterback on the football team. I’ll leave it at that. I’m not going to link the account or repeat what has been alleged.

The first post I read was talking about something happening on June 27, 2020. He was at Ole Miss that summer. That’s all I read. So is this story starting at Ole Miss and continuing in Fayetteville?

Long and short is yes. Social media has been quick to judge. Rumors are wild. Law enforcement is involved allegedly.

I urge all to wait until all is known. Remember the kicker Buffalo cut based on allegations? He was deemed not even there. Same with duke lacrosse.

I will also say if rumors are true he needs to go.


I read all of her accusations. It bothers me that it seems to be pretty inconsistent. And why bring in our coaches and athletic department if this was during his time at Ole Miss. (And yes, I know he is being of accused of stuff at UofA also but her story stems from OM) Others blaming Briles for bringing in a kid like this also…my question is how would he even know this about the kid? As a woman, I don’t want to discredit her or the others coming out but I surely don’t like the way it’s being done.

Don’t know any details and since there was a she mentioned, possibly a victim of some sort, my first concern is making sure that she is properly protected. However, it seems so familiar, now that recruiting and some signs in the program suggest an uptick that the other shoe had to be preparing to drop. Yes, my post and worries could be premature or unfounded, but guess I have been conditioned. I know that probably every program has similar feelings about luck and lack thereof, but sure seems that we are snake bit.

My only information is within this thread confirmed by Matt Jones that a rumor is making the social rounds. I assume our Football program is fully aware of the accepted crisis management approach which recommends assertive action with disclosure to the extent allowable within the circumstances to be ahead of “news” that is out there, Until the football program or a reputable news source announces something beyond rumor I am going to remain focused on beating LSU!!

I have no doubt this is being looked into. Some have already convicted him which is sad. I have no idea what the truth is but I trust this will be thoroughly investigated.

I hope the truth is revealed regardless what it is. If he’s guilty he should pay. If these are false allegations the person running the instagram account should be held accountable.


it is very graphic on IG with (?) victim pictures. Given the recent Chargers punter issue there are a lot of question since the accuser is using a me too group rallying eponym. I don’t know any character qualities about either party and I am sure both will get rallying support testifying to their veracity.

True or not , it will cause negative reflections on Kade and follow him until the facts come out. The pics look like they were taken from an official investigation/hospital, so there is a need to get the facts out and public asap.

Innuendo is haunting and lasts forever. Vanderbilt has had a plethora of sexual charge related to athletic teams with prison terms and expulsions resultant and Vandy did a piss poor job of supporting victims. I had a resident who had to start an IV to transfuse a freshman girl who was the victim of consensual sex with a semi star football player. Call me suspicious. I am not putting a public link but it easily found on Instagram and is ugly for Kade by itself.

Kade will have to choose silence as his defense or risk further attack. Bad for us, not Alabama bad but still bad. Not Notre Dame/St. Mary’s bad which resulted in suicide but PR for this is in no way going to be good.

This article suggest the events happened in Arkansas and the pub is because Uof A ignored the complaints that had been made.

Removed from roster.

I’m told Renfro is still on the team.

Still on the roster as of 10:56am.

And wasn’t when I posted my link, so…….

This is when I quit automatically believing all accusations. Let the facts come out.


Whether true or not, the optics of this are terrible.

100% correct. Not helpful in the least. Sure hope it’s ultimately false.

Isn’t this kid from Stephenville, TX? Briles’s dad coached there in HS I think.