Backup QBs

I posted something earlier about backup QBs but took it down until I got some clarification.

After listening to Bielema, I still get the impression that it has become a 2-man race between Ty Storey and Cole Kelley for the backup job. Rafe Peavey did not scrimmage today. I’m told he had some soreness, but Bielema said the reason he was held out was so the coaches could get as many looks as possible at Storey and Kelley. He didn’t want Peavey working with the developmental team.

My two cents: you don’t hold out a QB for the final scrimmage of the preseason if he is in the running to be No. 2. It looks like Storey and Kelley may have passed Peavey right now, although no one is saying that definitively.

Kelley really stood out to me today. He has taken a major step forward since last week. His footwork is looking better from under center and his arm strength the best I’ve seen here since Ryan Mallett. All of the backups are holding the ball too long at times, but I think you see Kelley getting better about getting rid of the ball sooner. And he’s younger.

One other thing that jumped out to me: Bielema said the older players have taken a liking to Kelley. They respect him in the huddle. That’s telling for a freshman. I’ll have some more on him later.

So does that mean the red shirt could come off this year?

Could, but still would be best for him to redshirt

Coach B mentioned that Rafe went to every game when he was No. 3, but did not play and kept his redshirt

Here is more on the backups: … -scrimmag/

I am fully on the Cole Kelley bandwagon as Allen’s future replacement and someone who’ll be a really good QB, assuming he develops like you’d think being coached by Enos. He has great size, by far the best arm on the team and the coaches rave about his intangibles (it factor, command of the huddle, competitive nature).

Hmm, he sounds a lot like James McCann as a freshman, except there was almost no one besides McCann to catch.

Another thing I’ll add after going back and revisiting Enos’ comments early in the week, he said they wanted to “dwindle” down the race and guys had a few more days to make their cases. Further supports that Storey and Kelley have surpassed Peavey, at least at this point.

If he was in the running, he’d have gotten reps in the final scrimmage two weeks before the opener. Heck, they’re constantly saying they can’t take reps from Austin because he needs as many as he can handle. I don’t see how they’d then decide the backup QB didn’t need to scrimmage.

If the game is a blowout against Louisiana Tech, I think Storey is the backup. If Allen got dinged up in a game but it wasn’t long-term, I think Storey is the backup. Would take a lot for Kelley to play this fall.

I don’t expect Kelley to play unless AA and Storey both get hurt.

I wouldn’t even expect it at that point. I would put money on it that Rafe would get the call in that scenario.

Quite possible, but in a road game (Auburn for instance) they’re not going to take four QBs on the travel roster. If AA went down in the 1Q and Ty went down in the 2Q, that leaves Kelley for the second half.

how good he is, he has the “it” factor. Still would not be surprised to see him play and play well at some point.

You play your best available QB if other than mop up duty. Tough schedules mean #2’a usually play some.

That’s very true. It’s also true that you don’t burn a redshirt unless absolutely necessary.

I think this is probably right. I don’t see any way they burn Kelley’s redshirt as long as Allen is healthy, for sure.

The one scenario in which I can see him playing is if Allen is hurt and Storey can’t move the offense.

I understand what you are saying now. I find it hard to believe that Rafe won’t be traveling though. We will find out soon enough. The season is upon us! Woo Pig!

Or they may just let Duwop run the Wildcat for the rest of that game, since we’d be toast anyway.