Backup QBs getting bigger chance to shine

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Very interesting. I hope that whoever gets the nod gets more reps in late game action this year. Sometimes last year I thought there were excellent opportunities when Ty could have gotten much needed experience and it didn’t happen.

Amen to that. I don’t have many beefs with CBB. That is one however. He has not shown much interest in getting his back up QB meaningful game reps. I hope that changes this season, but I doubt that it will.

You both bring up an interesting and probably valid point.

With as big a rout as the opener would be, it’d be nice to see whoever wins the backup job getting at least 1.5 quarters of work, running some real stuff and actually getting to throw at least 8-10 times.

Dan Enos is doing a nice job with this development with QBs. One thing that’s happening, both QBs (Storey and Kelley) are much better. Enos is a stern taskmaster. He pushes them extremely hard. This will turn out nicely. Not sure who will win the backup, but everyone says Storey has improved in a big way. His arm has really improved. Mechanics are much improved. And he is great with knowledge of the system. You see his confidence growing. Kelley had terrible footwork and a risky, gun slinger approach. That is all improved. Good coaching makes good players. The best part is that they will have great receiver talent around them and good line play. Offense looks good as things move forward.

It won’t surprise me at all for Ty to be number two and the starter next year. It seems the guys with the big arm in high school fail to develope the foot work and other aspects needed to play college because they rely on overpowering the opponent by being able to throw down field. Once they get to college that doesn’t work without having proper fundamentals to go with the big arm, there’s no doubt playing time is coming down the road once Enos has cleaned and polished him more. WPS

Based on what I’ve seen, I’ll be surprised if Storey beats out Kelley.

I don’t hear much about Ty’s arm strength. How does just his arm strength compare to Austin’s. Also how about hand size & what would you call his actual height? Thanks much!

I’m not sure of his arm strength, but I get the feeling Ty doesn’t trust his arm like he should. Maybe that has something to do with the arm motion being messed with, as coaches have talked about. He checks down as much as any quarterback I’ve seen in Arkansas’ scrimmages; rarely hits his primary receiver. Some of that could be due to good coverage, receivers not getting open, etc., but of the three quarterbacks we talk about most on this team, he makes the fewest throws of 10 yards or more, and it’s not close.

Thanks Matt! That was a quick response. Coming out of high school I thought he would be an all SEC type QB.

He may develop into a quality starter, but it would take quite a leap for that to happen, in my opinion.

Something I always look at is the high school competition for recruits, especially quarterbacks and linemen. Charleston is a town of about 2,000 people in west Arkansas. Those players might see two SEC-caliber opponents all year if they are lucky; probably none. The jump from playing there to playing in the SEC is huge.

Tyler Wilson grew up in the same area, although he played against bigger high schools. It took him a while to become SEC ready. Like Storey, he had to learn to play from under center.

I think that if it’s close, I’m hoping they go with Kelley. I think he is the future qb regardless of who wins 2nd string. I know they have worked on Storey throwing motion, which I always thought heavily needed it. It seemed slow and awkward, an interception high risk throw in the SEC. I know he was highly rated, but highschool level of competition does playa factor, and 3A Arkansas highschool football is pretty horrendous. A good friend of mine is a coach at a 3a school, and he says it’s the worst competition in the state, that 2a is even more competitive, with the teams such as Junction city, Bearden and others that are very strong 2a teams.

I like the potential of Kelley, really want to see him step up his commitment and win the job, he needs the experience.

Reporters, could you please ask Bielema to expound on his philosophy of the second quarterback getting/not getting reps in games? Thanks.