Backcourt speed

Watching the McD game I was struck by the pure speed of Smith and Black getting up and down the court and pushing the ball in transition

In conjunction w Devo (hopefully) and KK (hopefully), we are going to have 4 guards who can really really push the tempo next year.

Would not be surprised to see us play a more uptempo style on offense

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Our tempo was still pretty high this year. We’re 28th in Pomeroy’s adjusted tempo rating at 70.7 and our tempo went as high as 83 possessions in a game. Against Gonzaga we had 77 possessions. Lowest tempos were Vermont and Misery #2, both 65 possessions.

Who led the nation in tempo? Mike Anderson. The Fastest 40 is alive and well.

You forgot to mention Ford who is an absolute phenomenal athlete who is very strong, has better handles than Devo, and knows how to score in the paint. I agree we’re going to have phenomenal speed next year the only thing yet to be seen is how well we shoot the 3. Hopefully we can shoot that better than we did this year which will make our drive to the basket game that much better. Going to be a lot of fun to watch these guys progress as the season goes on.


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