Back to the early '90s....

Cowboys good, Hog BB good, Hog football bad.

History indeed repeats itself.

I actually didn’t mind that era in my life.

Football is nowhere near as bad as it was in the early 90s. I was in school then. No one cared about going to games. When we did go, it was just a social event. Jack Crowe, Danny Ford teams were terrible. Only one good year - 95. I think we did go the Indy Bowl in fall of '91. But outside of 95, nothing until Hootie arrived.

Oh, I think you’re right. The Hogs’ level of competitiveness in the West is probably about the same as the early 90s (i.e., not very good), but the football program overall is better. And fan interest in football exceeds basketball, which is probably different from the early 90s.

When is Hog basketball gonna be good? Hopefully, this year. But as of right now…Hog basketball is mediocre at best. Nothing like the early 90’s. We were the toast of college basketball then.

Early in the year, but I like what I see so far. I think we’ll make some noise. Not national title type noise, but I’m not ruling out a Sweet 16. That’s pretty good.

Outside of Lexington, Bloomington, Lawrence, and a few other places college football is king. As a sport college football popularity is at an all time high and college basketball is a shell of its former self. The two sports were comparable in terms of popularity in the early to mid 90’s. No longer the case.