Back to my roots

When I first began following baseball, I was a sophomore in high school. Daddy was a Cardinals fan and I had always heard the games as he listened to the radio. Then I started listening on my own. At one time I even had an LP of Harry Carray calls from the '67 season (wow, I wish I could get that back.) That was when Harry actually called the game action and it didn’t hurt that his sidekick was Jack Buck.

Fast forward a few years to the time when I was in summer school at the U of A (1970). I had my horse boarded at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Every day I would go out, groom him, exercise him, etc. I tied my transistor radio to my saddle and listened as I rode. I couldn’t find the Cards, but I could get KGGF AM radio from Coffeyville, KS. They had a great signal and carried the Royals games.

I’ve been a Royals fan since then. I just cut the cord with DirecTV and moved to YouTube TV. They carry Fox Sports SW, but it carries Fox Sports MW Cardinal games. I can no longer get the Fox Sports KC network that I had on DirecTV. I’m being forced back to being a Cardinal devotee. (Oh, and why on earth do we get Fox Sports New Orleans in NW Arkansas?)


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They do carry all the Cardinals games here in NWA on YouTube TV, but I’ve noticed that sometimes they will also carry a Royals game on Fox Sports Southwest Plus (if the Cardinals are not playing at the same time). I’m not sure how frequently that is. I haven’t paid attention that closely.

I’ve been saying all summer that if you’re a Cardinals fan (I’m not) and you live in NWA, you really ought to have YouTube TV. I doubt you can get Cardinals games cheaper anywhere else. When I had DirecTV, the Cardinals were the only regional team that I didn’t get. I know they had them on a high tier to make people pony up more money to see them, so whatever it cost was more than the about $120 I was paying each month. YouTube TV, of course, only costs about $54 or so each month with tax.

The Fox Sports New Orleans channel is a strange one for us to get, but they do show Rangers games through that channel. I wish I could get Astros games (my second favorite team), but that so far is the only thing I haven’t liked about having YouTube TV.

Astros and Rockets essentially have their own TV network now in conjunction with AT&T, which is not widely carried enough to interest YouTube TV or other national streaming services. I count myself fortunate that YTTV has SEC Network for the few games we play when I’m not working (I could watch it on my phone if I have a slow night at work, but that doesn’t happen much).

I was paying $141 for DirecTV, including the sports package. That got me KC and St. Louis games. I talked with someone over the weekend who was paying over $400 for DirecTV. :open_mouth:
I’m now paying $55 per month (before taxes) for YTTV and AETN. I joined AETN at the minimum level to get their streaming service ($60). I figure that I’ll save over $1,000 in one year.
YTTV has the SEC, ACC, and BTN networks. I’m not going to miss much.

I believe that Fubo TV carries AT&T Sports Net (and the Astros games), but that’s the only streaming service that does that I’m aware of.