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Practice, we left about, just guessing, 14-20 points out there. Whatever the total it was to much to leave out there.

Ball looked slippery. They sure lost the handle 6 inches away. I thought there were some fouls but gotta finish. Agree with you Gas.

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They got several crazy spins and a couple I have no idea how they missed. Crazy, but man it’s a lot of points.
I remember one that Tate missed that was just super easy, and he had a look of amazement that it didn’t go in, he was stunned for a moment.

I hope they start getting them to go, it’s making games harder than they really have to be. They would have completely smoke FL tonight just by making gimmes and layups.

NOT calling anyone out besides they have enough CROW to eat to last them the rest of the season.
I suppose 5 degree weather or however cold it was @BWA tonight was too cold for a gator to TRAP GAME a Razorback!


My son sat near the basket by the Hog’s bench. He stated the Hogs routinely got hammered under the basket without any calls.


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Musselman said he thought Arkansas missed too many layups in this game. Final layup tally was 10 of 22, according to StatBroadcast, and the Razorbacks were 4 of 6 on dunks.

Well, this is a good point he and Clay point out a lot of contact for sure, but as Clay and I agree we still
need to finish.

Having said all that, what doesn’t need to be missed in all this, even in this winning streak, as pointed out, Refs are still terrible.

watching the game from home I thought the same thing, refs were letting it go both ways though so that’s all you can ask for when they let em play both ways.

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14 x 2 =? Anyone want to jump in here and help me out?

How many bunnies did they give up on defense? No one seems to worry about that. I saw a bunch. I guess when you cut off the three – and the Hogs did – something is available. Gas is an offense first type of guy. :smiley:

I hate it. I did how ever like Tate’s block of one against MO, and Justin’s block of one against FL. :sunglasses:

But no question our D mentally checks out sometimes, but has shown it is very capable of elite status as Muss said in post PC. Gotta keep it there more often than not for sure.

Oh oh oh! I forgot one! A big one! Nobody really followed up on, or ever got replayed much but it was a big time play and should be a big highlight reel play.

Some guy from KY tried to dunk on Conner and he just killed it ! He really made it look easy too!

We have our moments of D on big plays. But it can always get better.

That looks like Algebra to me. It’s like I told my teacher back in the day. X+1 doesn’t equal a dang thing. You can’t add numbers and letters together.


We need an accountant to step in.

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Who was the guy that invested Algebra? He must have had too much time on his hands. Why combine numbers and letters? Just having numbers is hard enough. You math majors need to jump in here and explain. Trigonometry was a complete mystery to me, also. That is why I majored in business…very little math.

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I did OK in the math courses, although I stopped short of anything with a II beside it. Algebra I was doable. Not II.

The only mistake I made was letting my dad talk me into Latin, then Latin II. He claimed it would be of great benefit if I ever got into writing. I’m still waiting for it to be a great asset. I do at times win in a trivia game because I recognize a phrase. I have helped my wife with her crossword puzzles, too.

I told my father that Latin was a dead language. He said I was beating a dead horse with that argument and I was.

As long as they call it the same on both ends I can live with it. I’d rather have them swallow the whistle, frankly, then destroy the flow of the game with an endless procession to the foul line – especially if we’re getting in foul trouble in the process. I did think they were swallowing the whistle more when we had the ball last night though.

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According to the live stats, the Wallets were 12 of 16 on layups and dunks; we were 14 of 28. So we got to the rim a LOT.

But we won the DPG count 4-1, Gas. :smiley:

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The team that gets the best shots wins almost every time. Got a little close there, but I guess getting 28 shots at the rim is much better than 16. And, making 14 to 12 is still more. You’d want a better percentage than that. I thought they hammered our guys at the rim a bunch. Musselman complained throughout the game that they were getting hit on the arm and not from someone in a vertical position with their arms. The replays showed that to me.

I agree with the comments on missed layups or shots near the basket, but on the two dunks they missed they were heavily fouled on both! One by Smith and the other by Vanover. The statistics can be a little misleading when players are fouled and it is counted as a miss. Even on top of that we did miss some easy shots around the basket that we should have made.
On the other side, we played some of the best defense we have played all year. When they made their run in the second half it was not so much the bad defense as it was our turnovers that resulted in easy baskets.