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Hogs are now ranked first by Warren Nolan. We’re also the favorite to win it all by a pretty good percentage. Be interesting to see how the prediction changes after tomorrow’s game between OSU & MSU

As they say, the Hogs are on a roll. I wonder if the lady who jumped off the band wagon (with email to Van Horn) after the 0-3 trip to Starkville is headed to Omaha (or already there). I would guess she is having a blast.

LOL. I forgot about that lady. Funny how things work out. I also remember how upset so many on here were that we got swept by, of all teams, MSU—“the worst team in the SEC.” Turns out they were a pretty good team. How ironic that we could be the two finalists in the CWS. Also ironic that at best we can finish the season 2-3 against them, but the 3 games would be essentially meaningless while the 2 would mean everything.

There were a lot of people—including some of the new age media Twitter sideswipers—who used that MSU series as a chance to really get a lot of digs in on the Hogs and talk about how embarrassing their road record was at that point.

Of course now they’re singing a much different tune.

What I remember from that weekend is how almost shell-shocked DVH looked after the Swatter’s club meeting a couple of days later. I think he was somewhat surprised by the depth of disdain and venom some had for his team after that series. You could tell it in his interviews after the luncheon . . . he chose his words very carefully.

I’ve got to be honest and tell you that I was ashamed at the way some of our “fans” treated this great and consistently productive coach in that moment. And I was equally proud of Dave for how tactfully he handled it. Not sure I would have been a conciliatory and understanding if I had been in his place. Kudos to him for turning the other cheek and not letting it get him off-track.

Hopefully,in a couple of weeks the A D and Dave will get together and get his new contract signed with a BIG raise and get the improvements to Baum stadium finalized.

It’s a good thing there wasn’t a cliff nearby the lady might have jumped! The Moo U series was a weird weekend. The hogs didn’t play their best baseball. 1 and 2 run losses were the result. The hogs defense was subpar at times and cost a few losses and also the bullpen didn’t become solid for a stretch as well costing a few.
All in all we have had a great season!

I watched the video of the postgame presser last night after I got home from work. DVH mentioned something that I had forgotten – because of weather, all three games of the Moo U series were played within 24 hours. That doesn’t give much time to turn around momentum, and the Humpers had it.