Back to back Sweet 16s

Important to stop and think about where we have been and how great it is to be back. To me Sweet 16 is the bar. If you do that, it is a very successful season. Everything above that is gravy.

6 sweet 16s from 90-96 (only missed the one where Tiger high upset us in Round 2 in 1992)

0 sweet 16s from 97-2020. 23 years in the wilderness.

2 sweet 16’s in a row now.


Probably will be just a handful of teams that will be back to back. Arkansas, UCLA, Michigan, Gonzaga in. Villanova, Houston can do the same. Between 4 - 6 teams nationally out of 350+. Not Kentucky, UNC, Duke or Kansas.


Classic example of “just survive and win”. Four wins over #12, 13, 14, and 15.

I wanted to share this with fellow Hog fans in a separate thread, but this seems to be a good thread to pile on.

How much fun is this? Isn’t this fun ?

It’s been a generation since the Hogs were relevant in basketball.

I remember back in the late 70s, 80s, 90s – how much fun it was in the Spring time, and how much we enjoyed March madness.

The past two years have just been a great time.

Many of us old timers had forgotten, but we also don’t know how an entire new generation perceives Razorback basketball. They never lived through and experienced those glory days of the 1990s when Arkansas basketball was mentioned in the same sentence with Kansas, Duke, Carolina, Kentucky and UCLA. How many consecutive years was it in the Sweet 16 in the 90s – 5 or 6 ? 5 out of 6 ?

My son asked me once when he was in high school if Arkansas had ever been to the Sweet 16 ? :flushed:. His generation just hoped the Hogs could get to the Sweet Sixteen, just one time. When I told him that used to be expected – the question back in the day was whether the Hogs would make the Final 4 – he was stunned. He wanted to know what happened ?

I’m not sure any of us ever figured out what caused the demise of that basketball program. But I do know all of us are glad to FINALLY be back.

Here’s to a good 15 to 30 years of good Arkansas basketball again !!!


Making the great hires for AD and then Muss has put us back on the basketball map.

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90 – Final Four
91 – Elite Eight
92 – lost in the second round to Memphis
93 – Sweet 16
94 – natty
95 – NCG
96 – Sweet 16 as a 12 seed

So it was 6 out of 7.

I think he was throwing Sidney’s years in there, too. So, we had a 20 year apex…hopefully we’re back.

He specified the 90s.

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