Back on the bubble!

Jerry Palm of CBS sports just updated his bracket. Has us as the second team in the last 4 out. … cketology/

I think the next 10 games shape up very well for keeping us there (the bubble). Probably even putting us on the right side. Plus Bama is also on the bubble. We get them at BWA, could be a notch in our favor, as well as Indiana sitting there. A win over two bubble teams may jump us ahead of them.

Just keep winning. That cures things.

Yeah, winning the next 19 would solve a lot, and quiet a bunch of individuals

Just winning three of the last four would quiet a lot of people, as long as those three were consecutive starting around March 21.

That’s true

The only thing we need to be thinking about right now is Vanderbilt…

We aren’t playing, we’re just watching. That’s the coaches and players job to stay focused on task at hand. But, I do agree I hope they aren’t talking about the tournament right now, they need to be focused for Vanderbilt, they are coming in with nothing to lose and they played Tennessee into OT, they are not a give me game, and I hope guys don’t think that for a second.

Here’s a good article I found. … uilders/4/