Back on the board after retinal re-attachment surgery

Unfortunately, the weekend before the CWS championship series, my vision began to go in my left eye. I was able to get confirmed early Morning (the rained out day I think), get the diagnosis that day, and was in surgery Wednesday. Needless to say, I basically missed the championship run. I’m going on two weeks into recovery, and basically all I see out of that eye is a blur, it’s expected to take a few weeks. Let me tell you, that surgery is brutal, and the post op eyedrops and gel regimen is tedious and will last for a month. Glad to be back though.

Good to see you back! I have prayed for your eye health and hope you return to normal soon!

Welcome back!

Thankful you are back, scary anytime our sight is impaired.

I hope your vision is fine and your able to enjoy our hogs. It makes us all appreciate the simple things in life when you have a little difficulty.

I had surgery in my left eye back in 2009 for a rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. It was absolutely no fun and it took about six months altogether to recover. It was a very major surgery.

Glad you are back, and hope your remaining recovery goes well.

I have been having eye problems off and on for the last 10+ years. Not yet to the level that you have experienced (and I hope I never get there), but it has not been “fun”. You have my sympathy.

Hope the worst is behind you and you are “crystal clear” when we take the field this fall!