Back on Kyree Walker watch?

Alright so apparently KW said he was gonna visit “this weekend or next” after he didn’t make his scheduled visit that was this past weekend.

So RD do you think he makes it here or is it a “see it when I believe it” kinda thing at this point? Also you seemed pretty confident he would be a hog before he cancelled his last visit. Are you still feeling confident or after he not making it last weekend is that moreso up in the air again?

I don’t know if he’ll visit or not. I do think China is a definite option here.

Yes, not too long ago I was very confident he was coming. Now, not so sure.

Check is in the mail.

Quit worrying about Walker and sign Isaac already! This sure seems like a no-brainer to me. We can’t let Walker’s whims wreck this recruiting class.

FWIW, I still side on Kyree going pro.

Are you pretty confident in that?
What are the chances McBride comes on board?


Not sure.

Did he get his act score do you know RD?

I trust the poster on this site, whose son played on Arkansas Baptist team with McBride and Vanover. He has posted that Mackey does not have an offer.

Hopefully he will give us an update in this thread.

I have always wanted to see McBride in a Hog uniform!

I’m sure Muss knows what he’s doing, but this Walker thing scares me. Why risk damaging team chemistry for a guy who will probably only be here for one semester? Student athlete or athletic mercenary? I’ll take a walk on Walker and hope for a December McBride.

Does everyone’s phone autocorrect McBride to Mackey? About the 20th time I’ve seen “Mackey” when I’m fairly certain it was meant to say “McBride”.

Mackey is a nickname.

And to add to the conversation I disagree that he has a commitable offer.

I understand that you have sources when you say that. The only question I have is if the ACT is a real thing, wouldn’t that mean he actually would prefer college for at least a semester? He sure wouldn’t need the ACT score to sign an overseas contract.

Could be a negotiating tool. You know, if I don’t get the offer I’m seeking, I’ll go to college and play.

Not any more than it was autocorrecting when Alex Collins was referred to as Budda on the board.

Good point. I hadn’t thought about it as leverage for a better contract. I just figured they sure didn’t care what he scored on the ACT.