Back on Kyree Walker watch?

Alright so apparently KW said he was gonna visit “this weekend or next” after he didn’t make his scheduled visit that was this past weekend.

So RD do you think he makes it here or is it a “see it when I believe it” kinda thing at this point? Also you seemed pretty confident he would be a hog before he cancelled his last visit. Are you still feeling confident or after he not making it last weekend is that moreso up in the air again?

I don’t know if he’ll visit or not. I do think China is a definite option here.

Yes, not too long ago I was very confident he was coming. Now, not so sure.

Check is in the mail.

Quit worrying about Walker and sign Isaac already! This sure seems like a no-brainer to me. We can’t let Walker’s whims wreck this recruiting class.