Back in fourth place in the SEC

Tied with Bama at 7-5 with the head to head tiebreaker. Which is exactly where we were before losing to Misery. UK, UF and SoCar all tied at 10-2 for the lead.

RPI jumps from 49 to 44 with road win.

Yeah, I know it’s just LSU, but its holding serve against a bad team, something we didn’t do at CoMo last week.

Got 78 points on 75 possessions, which isn’t great efficiency, but obviously the D was better, particularly after halftime. Ten steals and 7 blocks (5 by Moses) certainly helped. So did Dusty going off after halftime.

Box score notes:
We shot .538 in the second half after .370 in the first. LSU shot only 41% in the first and 36% in the second; their rebounding gave them their lead and kept them in it. Outboarded by 20 but still won comfortably on the road.

Ten threes, 38.5% from outside the arc (eFG% of .577) covers a multitude of sins. The steals and blocks covered a lot more.

I would have taken 4 conference road wins at the start of the season and we’ve got 4 now with 3 to play. 4 - 5 on the road and 8 - 1 at home would have gotten us to 12 - 6 and we wouldn’t likely be on the bubble. Those home losses to Miss St and Vandy are the killer. If we can win out at home from here on and get one more road win we can make it.

100 percent spot on.

Have to hold serve at home and steal 1 on road.

If we don’t make tourney it is the home losses ironically that are the killers.

yup, then win 1 in SEC tourney, hitting the 23 mark and possible Big Dance bid. It could happen :sunglasses:

While highly unlikely, as a fan, being overly optimistic or pessimistic is what I do. I am quietly optimistic that maybe be bad juju was left in Baton Rouge, if we can play two great halves of ball, we have a chance in Columbia which would would greatly help our cause.