Back from the Red-White game

Only stayed for the first half, since my sons were freezing. sleeted some, then 2nd quarter was actually snowing, pretty cool.

The kickers did not have a good day. I know it was 35 degrees and damp, but did not look good.

Light-hearted crowd, lots of smiles and jokes. when Pulley squatted down around the yellow flag, my whole section loved it.

Then last play of the half, when the officials called the DLineman out at the 3 instead of TD, lots of vigorous boos followed by lots of laughing, nice end to the half.

Storey runs this offense much faster than Kelly, who would have had a delay of game if not for coaches calling a timeout. NEVER thought we’d see that with this offence, much less the day after CCM said he’d set a record for offensive plays, lol. But even aside from that, Kelley really seemed to take a lot of time, definitely not hurry-up at all.

Patton rolled his ankle or something, looked pissed on the sideline. even his man-bun was messy. just a sad sight.

Devwah seemed to have more explosiveness than last year, despite thie weather, made a good case to be the feature back.

LOTS of guys are visibly more toned and muscular, Gibson and Colton Jackson on OL, and Pettway stood out.

Overall the team did not look super impressive, but it’s a brand new regime, everyone’s learning, it was very cold and damp. And it was us agains us, really hard to learn much.

But had a great time with my friends and kids, can’t beat that. And the last time I was snowed on in LR in April was around '85.

Montaric Brown made a NICE tackle on DeVion in the open field, nice to see


Patton did not play after the ankle thing.

We saw Pettway at Catfish Hole on a recruiting visit. Total different chiseled body now. Star today.

We sat behind white bench and Nance looked unhappy with lack of attempts his way. I guess. He just was frowning a lot.

Loved the snow!

I never realized Pettway was so big until yesterday. The o-line and d-line looked trimmer which will be a better fit for this system. Storey looked god to me, but Kelly just looks the part. I think we have three or four capable quarterbacks for a change.