Back at it....

Petra had a great vacation to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco with the lone exception of two flights back both being delayed and our luggage deciding to stay an extra day and join us 24 hours after we arrived back at XNA.

Lots of golf, baseball, rest and relaxation.

I got my biggest laugh when I noticed there were not many people playing golf one day and asked ‘where is everybody?’ I was told that it was 75 degrees and thus there was a heat advisory.

I mean c’mon.

Obviously the football commitments came rolling in as usual.

I hope you had a crab sandwich at AT&T Park. Best ballpark food ever!

Go back on vacation for another couple of weeks and maybe the Hogs will get three or four more! Ha! Just kidding. Glad you’re back after a relaxing vacation.

Did you get to play pebble beach? What courses?

Hope it was a fantastic vacation DD and that the golf was great! 75…give me a break! That was the temp this morning on the first hole when I played at 6:56 and a cool 90 when I finished. Whimps!

The Ridge in Auburn, California - which has hosted 14 PGA and LPGA events.

No, I didn’t get to play Pebble Beach. Some day.

Shit Duds wish I knew you were so close, live about 10 miles from the Ridge


Did you get to play pebble beach? What courses?

My parents have a beach house in the Monterey Bay, Pebble is going for 525.00 for 18 plus 92.50 for the caddy. There are some awesome courses in the Monterey Bay area that you can play for a hell of a lot less than 525.00. We used to go to the Bing clam bake (now at&t) and make reservation way in advance and play Poppy hills (which was one of the courses used for the weekend) for Monday after the tourney. With your USGA card it was $40.00 and still set up as they played it.