Baby steps

i guess the realization finally really sunk in with me. This team was at rock bottom when morris took over. it is going to take a long long time to rebuild this program. Baby steps is all we can expect, from both a talent and coaching perspective.

yes i think we are better than last year, i think the record might reflect that by 1 or 2 games, 3 more in the win column if we get really lucky, and luck hasn’t been a part of arkansas football for a long long time, make your own luck they say. next year, probably about the same, adding notre dame, well you can’t chalk that one up in the w column. year after that we will be breaking in a new qb, just too much to think about right now.

i think the game against sjs, well we fell on the floor trying to walk just a bit faster than we can at this point. yes i think both the players and especially the coaches have everything to do with that. i think our coaches at least on the offensive side are taking baby steps also. grad assistants promoted into the most bloodthirsty league in the land. a head coach that is trying to build a program, saying all the right things, but has yet to rack up a win against a power 5 team.

as far as defensive coaches, they have experience. not sure what has happened there, did they have too much to drink and tripped and fell on the floor? not making any insinuation here, but we do have a fairly experienced defensive staff. and our defense is porous, putting it mildly.

i don’t expect much the rest of the season, hoping to see some small improvements by both players and coaches. someone commented, maybe it was hy in little rock, but it was their super bowl, they had nothing to lose, everything to gain, why not. i wish we played and coached that way. after watching this team for 4 games, we aren’t going to line up and whip anybody, even western kentucky. we don’t have the players yet. i think you can try to build a program, and let it all hang out at the same time. I’m thinking tubberville when he was at ole miss.

recruiting is vital for this turn around. i hope last year was not a 1 year wonder. we’re going to have to find and develop some players that are serviceable down the road. going to have to find some 2 and 3 star kids that have the body to grow into, but more importantly, have the inner will and heart to let it all hang out.

i get excited every year in preseason. of course reporters hype the home team, but they are not allowed to watch practice, just get secondhand comments from the few that do. not their fault. i guess im just going to have to sit, be patient, hope to see bits of progress, and wait for the year when things begin to turn our way. right now we are at bottom, nowhere to go but up. just give us some baby steps, all we can ask for. go hogs

I don’t know. After the last game, it appears “Baby’s” taking backward steps.

I think youth (playing experience) is part of the problem and the lack of an established winning culture is the other part (that includes our senior leadership who have not experienced being part of a winning program either but they are trying to show the way). Nebraska is and has been struggling with many of same issues over the past ten years that we are. Tennessee is another example . Winning is hard and harder to rebuild a program when you lose it or so it seems.

As Coach Chavis stated the coaches and players need a sense of urgency—that says a lot after last year and the offseason. Maybe we have hit rock bottom based on that comment but we will have to see it on the field for confirmation. Bill Parcels had it right when he said you are what your record says your are. It starts with Coach Morris and everyone in the program as thereis a schedule to be played starting this Saturday. Thankfully .we will know by Sunday how the next couple months will go—they will show they can compete or that they cannot.