Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig


Awesome stuff, unusual batting stance for the Babe, I have to wonder how they would do today with all the power arms and power pitches that these guys have. Nothing like the sound of a ball hitting a wooden bat!

Babe did face Walter Johnson, who was the flamethrower of that era. In 107 at bats against the Big Train, Babe hit .280 with 8 doubles, 2 triples and 7 HRs. His OBP was .389, and Walter struck him out 25 times.

But against the rest of baseball, Walter Johnson allowed a homer every 222 at bats. Babe got him once every 15.3 at bats, and hit 58 points higher against him than the rest of the American League

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Yeah no doubt about it he could hit that fastball for sure I wonder how fast Walter threw?? I think Bob Feller supposed to have thrown 98 if I remember

Johnson’s fastball was measured at 91 mph in 1917 at a munitions laboratory (who knows how accurate that was). And he threw sidearm. I wouldn’t want to have been a right-handed batter standing in with that heat coming at me and no batting helmet…

Yeah Feller was measured at 98 mph.

Johnson pitched 110 complete game shutouts in his career. ONE HUNDRED TEN. Nobody else has come close, or ever will (second place is 90, nobody who pitched since World War II has more than 63).

Yeah and the baseball they were throwing back in those days wasn’t near the quality of the baseball we throw in today 91 was exceptional I’m sure and 98 was unbelievable.
Yeah those guys threw all the time and never had a sore arm in that theory is still up fordebate I believe. I know Leo mazzoe had the Braves pitchers throw extra and it always seemed to help them. I’m not so sure the shortened outings these days is not hurting the pitchers more than helping

There’s a film out there of Bob Feller throwing a baseball through a paper square as a motorcycle sped by. It was a stunt aimed at figuring out just how fast “Rapid Robert” could throw it. The motorcycle topped out at 86 mph, I believe, but Feller’s pitch punched through the paper first. Of course, it was all far from scientifically accurate. The motorcycle raced by Feller at full speed and he tried to time his arm motion to throw the ball just as it passed.

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