BA killing it again against the Vikings

Up 20 to zip in Minnesota as the Broncos are 10 point dogs…happy for BA

Beat me to the post.
BA got the game ball last week after his debut win against the Browns.

J Will getting big playing time at RB for the Colts since there 2 Nd string guy is out just had a 33 yard catch and run and another big run

J Will busts another long run of 48 yards has 83 yards rushing on the day

Brandon has played well these 2 games. He may just win himself a starting job if John Elway doesn’t go out this offseason and get another quarterback. Flacco’s contract is so large, I don’t think he would go after another quarterback. The rookie from Missouri, Drew Locke, will probably be Brandon’s competition. Brandon has 8 games, including these past 2, to show what he’s got.

Wound up 17-39 for 240, 1 TD, one pick. Had three shots from the 4 yard line at the end to get the winning TD, missed all three of them.

Denver mismanaged the clock near the goal line.They let about 10 seconds run off before they called their last time out. They should have had one more play.

Denver is not a good team at this point, but Allen has played well, I think. He is doing a good job, so far.

To be fair, on 3rd down, he threw at rocket that hit Fant in the facemask. Allen does show promise. He might just make it.