B O T’s

Clay, D D, RD Is there anything to the rumor that H Y and a B O T member are at odds over this hiring of Musselman?

Didn’t I see RD saying that all on hold until we talk to Beard?

No, RD said Wess Moore said that.

As we saw with Gus, our trustees seem to think if we throw enough money we can get whoever we want. Ain’t so.

Would not be surprised. I’ve read that some on the B.O.T. did not want Mike Anderson.

Ah, I misunderstood.

Bbbbbut, I thought HY was a BOT yes man???


I’m not going to lie… As a Hog fan I think what’s best is to take Mussleman and cut our losses, we got played by Sampson for a raise and Beard is unattainable right now. Shouldn’t have fired CMA. Fire Yurachek 2019 is my new slogan, dude is a goofball.

Now, just being someone who enjoys watching a good train wreck, I kinda want to see them put Mussleman on hold and try to get Beard and watch them end up in a worse situation than they are in now. It would be so Arkansas.

Mercy… :roll:

So, since they fired your coach, you want the Razorbacks to look bad, always good to know who has your allegiance.

I mean, I knew these fans existed. It’s another to see them come out and blatantly say it.

Remove your fan card my man, what a joke.

What could HY possibly have done to this point to warrant termination?

So you clearly didn’t read the part where I said “As a Hog fan” what I think is best is to get the hire done or did you ignore that part because it didn’t fit you narrative.

The last part was more of a joke. Have you never heard anyone say “I love to watch a good train wreck.” Maybe you need to get out more if you haven’t cause I hear people say that all the time. And the reason I said that is because it’s rumors going around that the same BOT member that’s been messing with the basketball program under Anderson is now messing with this situation, part of me wants to see him learn a lesson for continuing to interfere.

Also, last thing, as I told another guy the other day, who I also didn’t know who they were. Feel free to use the ignore feature if any of my posts bother you. I don’t even know you and can’t recall ever having a conversation with you on here, yet you’re going to try to tell me where my allegiances are, you don’t know anything about me.

Sometimes you got to wait so you can make a run at Billy Gillespie.

There are definitely BOT members that are against big coach/AD contracts for athletics. This is not speculation on my part. There are some who want to spend less on coaches on the front end. I did not say all big boosters feel that way, but some BOT feel that way.

The difference between me and you, I’m just voicing concerns on a potential candidate and making fun of a BOT member who even our own media has acknowledged in the past meddles to much, I just want him to learn his lesson. I can promise you, I won’t be a “fan” like you and bash the coach after every single loss in every single thread.

Find one thread where I bashed a coach after a game.

I’ll wait.

Did I express my concerns over MA? Yeahp, but I’ve never bashed MA.

Just heard a clip by Jimbo Fisher, it said “When good enough becomes good enough, you’re in trouble.”

MA had become good enough for a lot of fans, like you.

I never called for him to be fired, I just said it was coming unless he made some changes, and that he hasn’t been good enough.

Anyways, find that bashing, I’m waiting.

So that whole diatribe was solely for Tommy Boyer, huh? He gets a kick out of these conspiracy theories that make him out to be the Wizard of Oz. No, what you just did was hope the program failed because your guy got fired…cementing the fact that you’re just an MA fan, not an Arkansas fan.

BTW, the guy who you want to learn his lesson has a statue in Bud Walton…where’s your statue?

Pretty sure MA has a garden gnome in his backyard… that would be it.

I chuckled…


This post is for you and Jr. here. I want you to really read this and comprehend what I’m saying, because I don’t want to have to go through this again.

First off, notice I don’t initiate conversations with you guys, it’s always you guys going out of your way to try to say something to me. I usually just ignore your posts unless you quote me and I get a notification, and reason is because I don’t really care what you guys say, because in my opinion you guys are jokes and I quite honestly don’t think either of you know much about basketball, and I’ve seen enough of your posts to know you’re not the kind of people I like or the kind of people I would talk to in real life, so I’m not going to talk to you on a message board either. There’s poster on here, that I’ve become friends with, guys that we talk almost every day about Hog basketball whether it be in PMs, text, phone, or on here, those guys know who they are, and those people along with others who can have civil debates without all the name calling are the people I log on here to talk with.

For some reason a few of you, have I guess grown a hatred towards me, because I defended CMA when he was our coach. Why that bothers you guys so much, is beyond me, considering he was the head coach here. So, moving forward you guys got 2 options, option 1, is you guys can utilize the ignore feature on me, and I will do the same for you. Option 2, I don’t like all this anonymous trash talking and back and forth that’s not me. I feel like a punk arguing anonymously over a message board, I’m a face to face kinda guy if I have a problem with someone. If I bother you guys so much and you can’t seem to get enough of me, you’re welcome to shoot me a PM, and we can work out something there.