Ax falls in Texas this morning and LSU didn't get Herman

Cause he’ll be at UT soon. Whats worse him at LSU or Texas? That should make great debate

I think him at Texas is better for us because I think it’ll weaken A&M. LSU will be good whoever is there.

LSU just got even more dangerous. They have had the recruits for years, but not the coach who knew what to do with them. Now they do.

He didnt know what to do with talent at Ole Miss and I dont know why people expect him to know now. He is a lifelong position coach, not a coordinator. There is usually a reason for that.

Would have been a tough one for the SEC West teams. Orgeron will do a good job, but he is not who they wanted. Fisher or Herman was their choice, but they settled for Big Ed. Now, don’t misunderstand me, Orgeron can recruit and would have been good here for the Hogs. But LSU should have done better. They must have problems in the Athletic Department. I wish the big fella well…he got his dream job.