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Hey y’all. I recently retired from the College of Charleston. But, I worked for them for 24 years, and saw lots of CofC basketball games. CofC played in the SoCon for years, so I am very familiar with the UNCG basketball tradition. And it has one. A good one. I watched UNCG beat CofC teams in the SoCon tourney that earlier that season had beaten or almost beaten the likes of UNC. They were a major rival and pest.

So while we can all recognize we didn’t play well last night, and we were without Brazile…I can say that UNCG is not a cupcake from a program standpoint. Quite the opposite. They are a very fine mid-major program. I don’t know how THIS team i gonna do…but they represent a very good mid-major program.

Also, and I am sure everyone noticed this too, but they were VERY physical with us, especially setting screens and being handsy. They got away with it, and it bothered us. Alot. Kinda like Texas’ physicality bothered us.

I think last night (excluding Brazile’s injury, obviously) was very good for us. We struggled, had to be physical and break down a stout half court defense, had to play physical, and WON an ugly game.

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They didn’t get away with being “handsy” too much. We shot 33 free throws.

I thought the officials called it differently from one half to the other. They did not call the hands on or bumps in the first half. They did in the second half and Arkansas got to the line quickly.


Good observations. Hoping you have a glorious retirement, and continue your well thought out Razorback commentary. North Carolina is a hot bed for basketball at all levels.

Well, that is true. I guess I was talking more about our inability to score from the field, and they super hard picks they were setting. Nick almost got his head knocked off a couple of times if I remember.

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@hogmaestro really nice take. Chattanooga (where I live) is in the SoCon so I tell exposed to the basketball in that conference. When I saw UNGC on the schedule I knew they had great tradition and typically were a hard win.

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Actually, while I retired from college work, I am still with the Charleston Symphony; I have my professional choir (named after my mom and dad…called the Taylor Festival Choir); and I am the new Director of Music Ministries at the largest United Methodist church in SC. So I am not “retired retired.” But I sure don’t miss being in a classroom. I love conducting. Always will. Teaching class? I ran my race for 33 years total. Done and dusted with that. Ha.

That was a long, demanding and stressful run. Staying engaged in this way is wise, have you ever seen Benjamin Zander perform in person? I’ve spent many hours enjoying his work that is on YouTube.

I agree with that, but I also thought we changed our approach after halftime and took it to the hole more which put the refs in position to make the calls, as opposed to settling for threes and jumpers.

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Fouls to Smith and Council are costly to the opposition.

Hard to believe that they’ve never beaten a Top 25 team.

When I was in school at Georgia Tech (1985-1989), GT played at least one non-con game per year against UNCG, UNC Asheville, NCA&T, or Charlotte and none of them were ever easy games. That was when GT was Ranked and an ACC Contender every year. I saw many, many great ACC games and a whole bunch of nail-biters against those NC schools.

I told my wife last night after tip-off that I would be surprised if this was not a close game, even with the Hogs high talent level. With 4 minutes left, I wished I hadn’t said it. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

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So, you were at GT with Kenny Anderson? One of my favorite PG’s.

Yup, he was a freshman my Senior year. Then I came back to Fayetteville for a Master’s Degree. My first year at GT was Mark Price’s last. My first year in Grad school at Fayetteville was the year both AR and GT were in the Final Four. I lived in Bball heaven for the 6-1/2 years I was on those campuses.

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