Awful, horrible, terrible day for Cardinal fans

First comes the news that Alex Reye’s season is over before it ever really started. Then comes the news that beloved Cardinal icon Red Schoendist has passed. Then for the second night in a row, a horrendous performance against the dreadful Marlins. Surely tomorrow will be better.

Just an awful day.

The Cardinals lost a “icon” for sure. Not just a great player but a great person. Losing a player to a season ending injury doesn’t compare. That player can come back. In life we all must realize that time isn’t guaranteed. Enjoy life and value all things that are important. God, family and country!
The lessons we learn on our journey make us stronger!

Amen Army. While part of me is saddened by the loss of a man I have admired and respected for about 53 of my 60 years, another part of me is happy for the man that he has likely been inducted into something far more significant and eternal than the baseball Hall of Fame. Nothing on this earth lasts forever, but not seeing Red at Busch Stadium is a tough pill to swallow. At least he didn’t have to witness the ugliness on the field last night.

A gifted and iconic talent behind the mic…

Red was the manager of the Cards when I first began to follow baseball and specifically the Cardinals. He has been a valued part of that organization for so long that it will seem strange for him to be gone.

RIP Red.

Red was always extremely nice to me when I went to spring training as either a reporter or a fan.

I treasured getting to meet him and talk with him over the last 20 years or so.

not much to add, he was a great man and I learned that as a young kid listening to Harry Caray call the Cardinals with Maxvill to Javier being a vivid recall. The 1964 World Series was my favorite of all times and all Cardinals on the roster are special to me. Trivial fact is that Schoendist was the longest name to be worn on a Cardinal jersey: … =bakenda01

Whitey and Red proved that names derived from colors suited Cardinals baseball well.