Awesome win guys way to keep battling!

I went after the bed after 14th could barely hold my eyes open…

I guess we know we have wicklander who needs to give us about five, Marshall Denton I guess I guess vermilion could come back, not sure about crime and I would doubt it. They don’t have much left either it could be a first one to 20 game but I’m glad we pulled this out!

I wouldn’t mind a rainout tomorrow and I suspect Allbarn wouldn’t either.

Fought like Razorbacks…

Watched the game with my 9 year old grandson (whose stated goal in life is to be a Hog even though he’s only been to Arkansas once). He crashed on me. about the 12th. I finally gave up (apparently) just before HK hit the homer.

Great win!

Same here LD I went to bed right before we won figures:slight_smile:

I lasted, and got a nice shout out.

way to go Marty!

My eyes closed for good in the 13th. Fantastic win Hogs! I hope it created some momentum for today. The hitters need to take over today’s ballgame.