Awesome start but put-up-or-shut-up time now

We did what we were supposed to do against inferior competition but these next 4 weekends will be a very big challenge

Ole Miss has owned us we haven’t won a series from them since 2010 but they don’t appear to be as good this year so hopefully we can get some revenge.

Auburn evidently has some very very good hitters score that many runs against a extremely good staff at Mississippi State but on the other hand they are lacking in pitching I believe.

vandy will be Vandy I just hope we can get one over there.

Mississippi state has 2 elite starters on Friday and Saturday bullpen is shaky but they are an extremely good offensive team hopefully we can take 2 at home .
I think we can take 7 of those 12 that would put us at 12 and 6. But we will see we definitely have to get the Saturday slot fixed with someone we can count on and we got to make a routine play all those errors today we’re routine plays and we got to get our bullpen to throw strikes can’t be walking 4 and 5 guys in a close game.

Florida won the SEC last year with 20-10. I don’t think anyone is gonna win 20 this year; the league is too deep. But we have a nice head start at 5-1.

Take two from OM, one at Auburn, one at Vandy, two from Moo U, sweep Tennessee, two at UK, two from LSU, one at TAM. That would be 19 wins. It just might be good enough. Something weird could happen (take two at A&M for instance, or get swept at Vandy) but maybe the weird things cancel each other out.

I think it might be difficult for anyone in the West to win 20 this year, but I think Vanderbilt could do it. The Commodores are on a different level than anyone in their division.

Arkansas has lost all of the series in Oxford since 2010, but won series over Ole Miss in 2011 and 2015 in Fayetteville. I remember the 2011 series vividly. They played a doubleheader on the final day of the regular season. Arkansas swept to win the division.

Youndamen it will get harder these next 4 weeks. The Saturday starter needs to get going for us. I hope Noland can come through next week.
I hate Ole Miss and Miss St. beating them
Both this year at Baum would be sweet! You can add LSU to the list as well!

The Friday night starter for Ole Miss is Ethridge I think. The other 2 aren’t that impressive.
Miss St does have 2 good staters their Sunday guy isn’t dominate at all.
Maybe we can get a sweep next weekend but it will take DVH being ready to go get Noland at the first sign of trouble!

After looking at Vandy’s schedule, you may be right, Matt. No LSU. No OM. No Moo U. Us at home. Florida at home. They might lose the series @ Georgia but make up for it with a couple of sweeps at home (EOE and Misery), which would get them to 21 if they take the others 2-1.

The schedule this year is just absolutely unbelievably brutal LSU is very good,Texas A&m is better than I thought they would be and they have 2 tough left-handed starters and a right-hander on Sunday who shut out vandy which should tell you something about how good he must be.

I like our team a lot if we hit the ball the way we’re capable, and the bullpen continues to stay very strong there is not a team on our schedule I fear. The Saturday starter position will make or break us I think.there are so many great Friday starters it’s not realistic for us to think we’re going to win every one of them so we will have to have some Saturday and Sunday wins I believe.

Indeed a nice start against what will likely prove to be 2 teams that finish in the lower third of the SEC. Going forward, if we can go 12-12 in these next 8 series, that would be 17-13 overall. 17 SEC wins has historically proven to be good for finishing in the top third of the conference. Like Coach Van Horn, I’ll always hope for better than merely top third, but that’s not a bad outcome in this conference.

Thanks for the correction Matt.seemed like I had heard we had not won a series since 2010 but I couldn’t go back on our schedules for some reason and check it out to be sure… I like I chances a lot this year against them .

The Ole Miss series just like any other series comes down to a good start on the mound and at the plate. Last season we found ways to stumble On the road. We should have won the series at Ole Miss!
This time they are coming to Baum! The same can be said for LSU we aren’t playing in the dump called the box where there’s no telling what might jump out of the stands! We should be able to win these 2 home series. That’s my opinion.
The good news happened over the weekend. The top of the batting order woke up. Also I think the hogs have found a DH. Goodheart is hitting. Even when he doesn’t get a hit the ball is hit hard. Just like Heston. The bats are going a little we need to see them hit this weekend.

It appears the east is not nearly as strong as the west. That gives Vandy a huge advantage. That’s the problem only playing 10 conference opponents. The conference winner is not necessarily the best or even 2nd best team.

As much as I’d like to win the SEC, the real goal is to get to the CWS.

Every weekend is a grind. All you can do is just take it one step at at time. Teams change. Injuries effect the second half of the SEC schedule every year. What I like about Dave Van Horn’s teams, they continue to evolve and develop. He tells me every January that his teams play their best later in the year because there just isn’t enough good weather days in the Ozarks in January and February. Pitching will get better. By that I mean, guys like Kopps, Kostyshock and Ramage should pick up some velo as it goes.

There will be some stumbles. No one goes through these type schedules in the SEC without falling a few weekends. They stumbled a few times on the road last year and that’s why winning three of five on the road at Texas and Alabama is a very good sign.

Of course, I’d LOVE to win the SEC title. But, for me, the primary goal of the regular season is to procure a top 8 seed, if possible, in the NCAAT. Given the strength of the conference this year. if we can finish in the top 3 within the conference, we have a pretty good chance of meeting that goal.

I’d say 17 or 18 wins will probably get us there.

After that, it’s DVH season.

If we get Martin going like Herstad is now going, we are going to be tough. The back half of our order has really come through for us this year. If they can keep that up against SEC pitching, we can be very good. Our starting pitching is not quite solid yet, but our bullpen is nasty, at least the top half of it. If we can get some of those freshmen settled down we can have some good mid-week pitching and greater depth in the bullpen.

Nice name meld. :slight_smile: That would be Heston Kjerstad.

We’re third in RPI this week, both at Warren Nolan and the official RPI on the NCAA site. Stay there, we’ll have a national seed and a super if we take care of business at home. Get a super in BWS, I like our chances to get back to Omaha.

Missouri may be a “bottom third” SEC team but they just won a series from Ole Miss. There are no bad teams in the SEC. As bad as Kentucky is struggling, they’re top 80 in RPI, which is top 30% in the country (299 D-I programs).

The brutal SEC where any team can beat you!