Awesome job by Rammage!!

hopefully we have seen enough of Campbell.he has been a huge disapointment! from all the great talk about him he just has not really done anything other than KY

Cole Ramage did a super job! That’s a freshmen that has no fear. His will get better and stronger.
Don’t get too down on Campbell he isn’t fully back and healthy. That’s my opinion.
We are just lucky we have pitchers that can come in and get out of jams. These young men are doing the best they can.
The hogs just need to win this game and it will all be forgot about.

We spoke too soon. The wild pitch man has done it again. He has good stuff but is wild as wild can be.

yep embarrasing

8 players can be great, but if the pitchers can’t throw strikes it just doesn’t matter. Rutledge is everywhere. I don’t know who we have left, but we’re going to need them it all it appears.

We might need 15 runs to win this game.

There’s no defense against the walk or the base on balls! That’s just part of it. What’s so crazy both of those guys have great stuff.