Awesome job by pitching Staff

To allow only four runs in two games is very impressive and we needed it because he offense really didn’t do much at all but just enough to win…

It’s good seeing Kostyshock put it all together so far this year. The talent has been there, but it seems like he’s locked in this year. That’s gotta feel good for him. Gotta wonder if he doesn’t take a starting spot and move Scroggins to the back end. That’s a good problem/decision to have though.

Not to mention Campbell being THE guy today. I know he’s had good outings before followed by bad ones, but the last two starts have been different for sure. He’s been able to work with runners on base and be effective from the stretch, especially today. That’s very encouraging.

And Ramage was lights out. Kopps gave up the home run, but before that he came back from 3-1 to get a guy out to make it only a solo shot, then settled in and finished the inning. He just looked like a mature arm out of the pen. Good stuff all around.

You’re right youdaman, the bats need to wake up tomorrow. They’ve gotta get more from the DH spot for sure.

Pitching spot on for sure. I was extremely impressed by Campbell today. Cronnin made in interesting closing the game.

Scroggins just battles that’s all you can say about him. Ramage played fireman and got it done.

I’m hoping the offense catches up to the pitching soon.

Kostyshock was great in the post game. He said put me anywhere, I just love to pitch.

That’s a team player! You need players like him to win. He is a good young man.
I’ve noticed how humble all of the players have been during the post game interviews and it seems DVH has rubbed off on them.

Great job by our pitchers. Campbell has been impressive, better start than last year.