awesome Comeback!!

good to see our bats wake up and even more awesome to see Reindl look like he’s back for good!

A really good win. I’d just about written this one off when they got 7 runs by the 3rd inning. Didn’t realize we’d shut them out the rest of the way.

A loss tonight wouldn’t have been devastating, but the win still strengthens our out of conference resume & our chances of being a national seed. Still need to take care of business in the SEC of course, but a win over a good Mo St team is nice.

The win was nice! I enjoy seeing Jake have another good outing. Just wondering what his ERA has fallen too?
The 2 non conference games against Texas Tech are the resume builders. Split those or win both and you have made a statement. I think the hogs may get a national seed.
It would be nice to get a sweep at Moo U this weekend. I hope Jake is able to pitch a little this weekend.
It will be interesting to see who get the ball next week in those 2 games against Texas Tech.

MSU will be a good challenge they will throw 2 very good LH at us.We need Knight to get back in the groove

Jake’s ERA is 3.67 after 4 scoreless innings tonight.

Reindl only threw 52 pitches. He’ll be able to pitch again this weekend.

It’s funny how scoring runs makes us forget some things. Hogs left 10 runners stranded tonight. While it was frustrating early, once they got the lead that seemed to slip into the background, which is proof that good hitting teams which put a lot of runners on are naturally going to leave runners on base. That’s not a crucial stat when you score a bunch of runs, but it sure hurts when you don’t.

Sweet win. Great on so many levels. So sweet.

Wow that’s a improvement.

As for Matt commenting about he will be available this weekend that’s a must for the hogs to have all hands on deck for for any weekend series in conference play.
Moo U can throw those lefties it will work out for the hogs.
If Knight pitches Friday, Murphy Saturday and Campbell Sunday. Then do any of these guys get any action in the Texas Tech games next week?

You’re right. We lose our concern for it when we score enough runs. It was very frustrating when we left them loaded twice last night & we were trailing—badly. However, the 3 run HR by Martin in the 5th fixed that problem as far as last night’s game went. When it happened I thought, “well, at least now if we strand some runners in this inning, it won’t bother me too much.” That base cleaning hit just did wonders for my attitude.

The Mo St. team is annoying and it was really fine to put them in their place…

All of the relievers should be available to throw against Texas Tech. Because there are two games, you probably will see the coaches let pitchers work through their trouble a little more. I expect that to be a high scoring series.