Awesome breakdown of Musselman system … yetteville


Outstanding article. Pretty much validates Dudley’s comments.


Excellent article but I would suggest that there is one thing that is not being discussed which will be a critical part of the offense moving forward. All coaches want shooters and all coaches want the talented big man to anchor the middle but the makeup of all five playing at any given time says a lot about what the coaching philosophy. For example, Mike Anderson’s #1 priority was speed and quickness as he wanted to disrupt and wear down the opponent. As a result we would often see three guards a center and a forward in the lineup at the same time. That combination of skill set is very different from what we will see on display in tonight’s Championship game as TT and UV both employ more of a pro style foundation in that they usually have a point guard to handle and create play making - an off guard who is an excellent shooter but has more size. The third and perhaps the most dramatic difference lies with what the NBA calls the small forward. This is a guy who has the size to play in side and defend small or bigs but he is also an excellent shooter and all around player. I do not remember the name of the TT small forward but he is about 6"8" and he is an all around player. The other forward is usually a big who can rebound but he can also shoot the outside mid jumper and of course all NBA teams want the big center.

TT and UV usually have two rim protectors on the floor playing together ( C - PF ) and TT has that 6’'8" Small Forward usually playing with them. TT can go small and play the SF with just one big but their base offense has all three playing together. Same thing with their off guard who is big enough to play a small forward if they want to go small but in their base offense that they start with he is their off guard.

I say all of this to suggest that the most intriguing part of the a coach’s offensive philosophy is the composition component of what he looks for at each position. I personally like the NBA offensive dynamics and I hope that Musselman with his NBA background will have that type of belief system.