Away Game Tickets

Got the email about away game tickets, has anyone had any luck ordering on the website? Also, does anyone know why LSU was not included?

Nope, or I haven’t when it tried yesterday. I sent them an email, they said I could call them, or wait until the link worked, lol.

The link in the email didn’t go directly to the away games, but I found if you clicked on season renewals the away game options were there. At least it worked like that for me yesterday.

It’s working now. I just reserved OM tickets. That’s the only away game I know for sure I’m attending this season. You have until July 9 to request tickets.

The link took me to sign in to my acct. then, after signing in, it took me to the page where away games were an option for purchase. The A&M neutral site game isn’t yet available.

$90 a ticket seemed a little high to me. Is that a normal price for OM tickets?

Yep, that’s the only game I’ll be going to, thanks for the updates.

OK got that staightened out. Now just need home single game tickets to go on sale…

Yeah, both them and Bama were $90, I can understand Bama being proud of their price, not Old Sis’s.

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