Awaiting Approval

I just replied to a series. Immediately upon posting the system says that “it is awaiting approval” before it accepts my post. What in the world is going on here; in no way did my post violate any standards here?

Sad what’s going on.

If there is profanity it awaits approval. Not sure what word tripped the filter but that’s what is happening.

Ya’ll are overly sensitive. It is time for an expletive.

The filter was put into place because of some crazy posts and posters who got out of hand this summer. It is a good thing for 1 am stuff after a few drinks. Lol.


One of the words that keeps getting one poster is “ass”. He is posting about the “strong ass offer” made by LSU basketball. I have to approve his posts often. Now let’s see if I have to approve my post.

Edit: nope, it allowed the post.

I guess context is everything.

No way you can leave the word “ass” off an Arkansas Hog board.

“Ass” ought to be allowed. It’s not even a profanity.

“Y’all”? I’m not overly sensitive, but I do get amused at one’s inability to make a point with limited vocabulary. Maybe you’re the sensitive (and possibly frustrated) one for not finding the words?

Surely you could talk about the “jaw bone” of an ass. That’s in the Bible.

OK, so “ass” (note quotation marks) is OK. Ass is not.

Edit: I guess that as a moderator, I’m allowed to use ass.

I did have to wait a couple minutes for mine to be approved. Since, “no religion” rule, maybe mine was waiting for “bible” to be approved?

If you say a team got its ass whipped, your post will be approved. If you call another poster an ass — as I saw some do on here this summer — it won’t get approved. Either way, if you use that word, your post is going to await moderation, and typically it will be approved in a short time frame.

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Adjust to arse and you will be just fine…maybe :crazy_face:

That’s a reasonable difference. Seems to me there’s a difference calling someone a demeaning name & just using a word that might be demeaning in context. For example, “I drove eastward from Searcy & saw some longhorns” should be acceptable. However, calling someone a longhorn should not be acceptable. At least not in polite society unless the person actually claims to be a Longhorn. In which case calling them a Texass Longhorn should not only be acceptable, but perhaps require additional invectives.

Good point, Chip.

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Longhorns and ass are interchangeable. If I see one in a field, I see the same thing.


They are Texass…

Tea Sippers…

I’m the one who posts about Will Wade’s SAO.

I had one sent to moderation earlier today because of a reference to a highly politically incorrect term I heard applied to spoiled fans 40 years ago. Not sure if it was the un-PC word itself or something else that got it flagged, but it was eventually approved.

but not show ass.