Aw, isn't it a shame (Ole Miss version)


Link: Report: Two Ole Miss players arrested for shoplifting

those are critical players on their defense and it is a defense with far more question marks than our Hog D.

Before we get to giddy, remember we have been down this road ourselves.

I always think it’s a shame when young people make these kinds of mistakes, regardless of the team. It could negatively affect them for years.

I’ve received emails from multiple former Arkansas players who asked me remove a story about their arrests on our website because it is the first thing that shows up on a Google search by prospective employers after college. One of them was arrested for shoplifting.

It’s amazing how that stuff follows people around. A good friend of mine (female) recently had a court date because she got into a scuffle with her ex-husband. He hit her. She hit back. But somehow she was arrested and he wasn’t (mainly because he pressed a felony charge of domestic battery). She got the charge reduced to misdemeanor battery and pleaded guilty. But now it shows up when anyone runs a background check for a job application, and she lost a job for which she had been hired when that popped up. Never mind that she was defending herself. Ah the joys of the criminal justice system…

They will probably suspend them for a 1/2 vs UT-Martin!..Unlike Bama who will say, “It is an internal matter” and they won’t miss a PLAY!!! Bama had a big DL arrested for DUI a few days ago. Their OL stud, Robinson, was arrested last year for DUI & weapon possession in Monroe, LA…didn’t miss a play. Of course, Bama opens with FL State so I’m sure they’ll handle it “internally”.

You need a little compassion for the Ole Miss players trying to find their back to school clothing, all their bonus money has been suspended until this time next year.

I agree BUT this is turmoil that shows some of the team psyche is not committed. It’s early and this is already happening. It will be interesting to see how they handle their first loss.

I don’t feel sorry for Ole Miss, but I hope for these young men they get everything straightened out for their lives’ sakes. Football is a game, but this is more important than football.

They were in a vintage vinyl shop and one of the players stuck a record down his pants and tried to leave. The clerk said, “Is that a record in your pants?” The Ol Miss player said, “Well, it may not be the record but I haven’t had any complaints.”