Avery Johnson out at Bama...

“mutual” decision.

If Johnson is indeed fired. And CMA is fired. I hope Bama hires Mike.

Hypothetically let’s say Bama hires mike and they have a nice run would fans label MA a traitor even though they wanted him gone?

man it would be crazy to let coach A go imo

If we are crazy enough to let him go, it would be Alabama’s gain. Remember the great move we made driving a certain women’s coach to Texas A&M (glad we finally have a replacement good enough to beat them)? Or sending Coach Richardson into retirement (not that there weren’t issues. Clarence “Big House” Gaines --if you don’t know who he is, you should, look him up–told me half admiringly, at a book signing shortly before he died, when I came to Raleigh in Razorback regalia after playing a basketball game, “He is one ornery cuss”), how did that work out? Glad that he and his Championship team (what did THEY do wrong to be practically ostracized for so long?) are finally getting their due.

Now I am not saying Coach A is perfect. And whatever issues he has are magnified when the SEC is tough top to bottom and he has the youngest team. But he is one of the few coaches to never have a losing record. Roy Williams is another. Now Roy has several National Championships that Mike does not. So there is room for improvement in that regard. Hopefully Mike will get there. And might very well do so. But who is the surefire bet to get us there that we would be hiring to replace him? Is he like the coach we hired to replace the women’s coach?

So now we are crazy to let Mike go? Really? I mildly understand the argument for keeping him, but don’t agree with it at all. And no one is “crazy” for wanting Mike fired. There is a rational basis to let him go. One aberration of a nice game and win at Providence solves nothing. Most of you on here, in relation to the Gafford issue, proclaimed the NIT means nothing anyway. Go ahead Dan — take care of yourself. And, for what it’s worth, I’m expecting a beat down of the Hogs at IU. Hope I’m wrong.

Alabama is pretty clearly committed to winning. Take a quick glance at their football program. And now they are showing commitment to at least trying to win in basketball. It apparently won’t put up with a coach that falls short of expectations.

Is Arkansas committed to winning to the degree most Hog basketball fans expect (e.g. occasional deep NCAAT tourney runs)? Or do we just want to hang on to a good guy that was part of the 1994 national title regime? That’s the choice.

Reply: just in case you didn’t know, there won’t be any firing this season hence settle down.

Nice rebuttal Hawgjawbend. I just spent 3 days on a jury. I wish the attorney’s on either side was as logical as you.

There aren’t many rational reasons to fire Anderson. The only two that are currently a possible issue are Anderson and Yurachek not being on the same page, whether it be coaching/recruiting/assistants. The other is if Anderson has lost the team, which from what I’m hearing, might be the case with a couple of players, but not the whole team. No one knows for sure. Most other complaints are very illogical. Blu has pointed out the numerous times someone has flat out lied or highly exaggerated an issue to make a point that isn’t there. Others us their personal opinion of success to determine if Anderson should stay or go. This doesn’t make their opinion right or wrong necessarily, but he most frustrating thing I’ve seen the majority or the time is either 1. they use the past a precursor to the present without acknowledging the change of the time or 2. and the most frustrating to me, is they use football logic to determine basketball success. It doesn’t work that way.

To the second emboldened part, and Arkansas isn’t? Arkansas has had many successful programs in track and baseball as well as others. Again, this goes into the debate about what you define as success. I’ve said for years that Johnson’s way of coaching was really a comparison to Anderson and that he wouldn’t be able to outcoach Anderson in that way. With, on paper, more talent than Arkansas, Anderson has beaten a more “talented” Alabama 6 of 8 games(I could be wrong on that, if someone could help check for me). So Johnson underachieved in many ways in that program, where Anderson hasn’t underachieved.

To your last point, I believe most fans are beyond the 94 connection with Anderson. Again, it’s what you consider success. Am I happy with what’s been accomplished so far? No, of course I want more and believe we can do more. Am I frustrated to the point that I believe Anderson should be fired or that he won’t ever get us to the point we want? Equally, no. So the choice is where do we see the team moving forward and that’s a hard choice for Yurachek to make. We’ve got a great in state class in the next couple of years and some uncommitted guys that need to be shown the door(in my opinion). Can Anderson get it done with a solid finish to this class moving into the 19-20 season and beyond? This NIT can certainly help with that possibility.

That’s not definite. I think it’s simmered down for the moment, but a bad showing in Indiana or few more concerns going forward may push the momentum back.

General the fire the coach thing has just gotten old!

You’ll get no argument from me there, but I’m just saying, it’s not definite one way or the other yet.

I can’t imagine Mike Anderson’s fate hanging on how well we do in an NIT Tournament. Very few care about the NIT one way or the other. Some Hog fans do, but not many. Surely, we would not have been allowed to play in the NIT if Mike was going to be fired. What if we win the NIT? Then he gets fired by Hunter Yurachek? Not likely. I do find it a little strange that Hunter Yurachek has not said Mike will be back, given all the rumors and fan unrest.

You say that, but the second we lose(if we lose) there will be people all over social media trash talking how we couldn’t win the NIT. It’ll be the same people saying the win Tuesday night was no big deal.

As for Arkansas not going to NIT if Anderson was going to be fired, Alabama was a 1 seed and they are letting go of Johnson.

I agree all the firing talk gets old.

At the same time I totally agree that our fans are so desperate for national program relevance again that some are swinging with the mood depending upon the next game.

Win at Providence and we have to keep coach.

Lose at Indiana and have to get rid of coach.

Win at Indiana and add a good class and some will want to give an extension. Ha.

In the end I’m just hopeful the AD is evaluating big picture for the best one way or the other for Razorback nation.

In my opinion, Mike is more than capable of creating an elite program.

He has arguably had two or maybe three seasons here where he was close to elite status where we hope to be, but has not had had one good NCAA run in his years.

Part of my q is this:

Does Mike at this stage of his career have the fire and chip on shoulder to prove he belongs at elite level?

If so, we might put off this talk until next year.

Jhog— have to disagree most fans don’t care about NIT— I’m interested in all hog activities and very much the NIT— I would hope all true fans are and guess that is the case— I bet you too are pulling for wins—I was extremely pleased we were invited and elected to play— can’t wait to play Hoosiers again and hope don’t have to wait till next fall to see another game.

Very well said GH I’ll take you for my lawyer.

Avery took over from Anthony Grant. In his last five seasons, Anthony was 25-12, 21-12, 23-13, 13-19, 19-15. Anthony did not leave Avery a dumpster fire.

Avery went 18-16, 19-15, 20-16, 18-16 in his four years with just one NCAAT appearance. Avery had five seniors on thus team. They never finished in the top tier of SEC. This part is probably the one that hurt him the most.

There are other non-basketball issues rumored to be simmering over there that may or not have anything to do with it.

Mike may or may not be retained, but you can see he has a lot better record at Arkansas, plus he had the second youngest team in the country instead of five seniors. That may not figure into some people’s thinking but that is a fact.

Very well said. Avery grossly underachieved during his time. The other side of it is, it has been whispered that his recruiting ain’t exactly “clean”. It followed him from his ties to Texas A&M’s sudden uptick in recruiting a few years back. It was said that Avery had a strong hand in influencing players from a certain AAU program to go there. This was before he got the Bama job.
Side note…pay attention to GAs sudden uptick in recruiting too. There were loud rumors about Crean’s AAU dealings in Hoosier land.

could Avery be in line for the Texas A&M job?