Anyway for my grandson to get ball players at the park to sign a ball?? Or is that not allowed due to COVID concerns??

Pretty sure it’s not allowed

It used to be standing operating procedure after games, not this year.

Strange that less than a week ago players had no restrictions on interactions with fans in Hoover… at the hotel nor at the ballpark… yet aren’t allowed to sign autographs after games in the NCAAT.

Actually, not surprising, given the prevailing Covid politics, and the different decision makers among the two tournaments.


They are doing autographs after game, they did last night.

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That’s great for the kids and fans. Amazing how a brief interaction can last a lifetime.

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Made my grandsons night. Costing me another baseball glove because the one autograph is going on a shelve. Players were fantastic with the youngsters.


Was it at their dugout end of game??

Outside gate B.

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