Austin writer Kirk Bohls on yesterday's game … ng-choice/

Wont let me read without paying

I was able to read it! It sounds like the writer states the obvious Arkansas is the better and more talented team!

I was allowed in. Main thing I got from it was that the writer questioned the T coach for using all those pitchers & replacing the starter too soon. He did say we’re a very good team, but that didn’t seem to be what he focused on. Just the bad pitching decisions. Personally, I don’t think they were bad decisions. Either the pitchers choked, didn’t “have it”, or we just knew how to hit them.

Perhaps you recently were on their site reading another article?

I did notice, after doing some navigating on that site and looking at one or two other articles, that it did have a pop-up asking me to subscribe to read more. But this didn’t happen the first article or two I read.

Not sure but I was able to get in on another computer

One of those sites would let me in if I turned off my ad blocker.

There’s a lot of butt hurt in all the articles. Good.

I hope the horns have to wear a diaper! There will be some that may need a pacifier.

Losing always hurts. I hate 'em because of their arrogance
and cheating refs. However, their tradition in baseball is mindboggling.

The second game loss will also be hard to defend but the Austin press has become very good at it the last several years for all sports.