Austin Sometimes Holds the Ball Too Long....

To me, Brandon learned to either get rid of it, or chunk it OB, especially in his senior year. Avoided some sacks that way, and made recent versions of our O line look better in pass pro than they actually were. I don’t recall Austin yesterday throwing it OB even once to live another day. That needs to develop if he’s going to be a pro style QB in this system, with this gelling line. I bet Enos has a session with him about it. Interceptions by forcing throws and sacks hurt the cause. Need to minimize them. But Austin has a lot of moxy, and pretty good talent. He will be a very good college QB before he’s done.

I think we will see a lot of growth between this and next week. He had practice reps before, Now he has seen it from another color jersey.

If not.,…then a long game next week.

That’s the key there…learned…in BA’s first year as starter seems like I remember several picks…several pick six’s I think…he will have to learn

Partially agree with both of you. BA’s first game (JLS year) he played better than AA yesterday, but a lot of upperclassmen on that team checked out as soon as BP wrecked, they short armed a lot of passes, leading to interceptions and incompletions. His first year as starter, he already had his confidence shaken, and didn’t have guys to bail him out on bad decisions. Last year, he had three years of familiarity with the young guys (from that season), who were now JR’s and SR’s willing to bail him out, he also learned to look off receivers.

AA doesn’t have that lack in confidence, and he has a lot of upperclassmen in the receiving corps that will do everything to bail him out. I think he will improve as the season goes on, and will be better next year, but he will lose a lot of those upperclass receivers/TE that’ll attempt to bail him out.

By the time RWIII is a SR, those young WR’s will be willing to bail out the QB, but we will be starting a new QB again. This is why I complained about BA starting and playing so much last year. We will always be off one, unless the coaching staff pulls a shocker and starts Kelley or Storey next year, then the entire team should be clicking by RWIII SR year.

Looked to me as though the hesitation might have been some second-guessing. A number of times where he double-pumped the throw. Instead of throwing the receivers open, he was trying to wait til they were open. Going to have to let it fly on the first instinct. Even some of the completions were underthrown because if the delay.

I’m not that worried. It was his first start and he was actually pretty solid in spite of the Oline issues. He was given some good reviews in the eyes of objective people like Booger McFarland. Skip had access to Lou’s network of coaching buddies for advice.