Austin said

The MRI came back negative, nothing structurally wrong. Did a little light throwing during warmups, but it didn’t sound like he did a lot of throwing during the actual practice.

Sounded optimistic he would play. Said he was a quick healer.

He has healed in between snaps for two years.


Well played, sir.

Austin Allen is a solid quarterback…in fact, he has played very well for us, particularly last year for the first 5-6 games before he got beat up so bad that it hurt his game. I wish he could have played behind a good line, so he could have really shown us his stuff.

I have my doubts he will finish this Alabama game. Quick drops, get rid of the ball and he might make it. If they continue to put him under center using the play action…he could get hurt bad. Dan Enos is one of my favorite coaches, but he needs to change things up to protect Austin. We can’t run the same plays we have been and expect him not to get hurt. If he is that banged up, Cole Kelley should start. We aren’t going to win, anyway…sad to say. It won’t make any difference who plays. Somehow they need to give Austin some plays to make it quicker to get rid of the ball.