Austin Reeves

What’s the story here? Why is he at OU and not Arkansas?

His academics were borderline, Wichita took a chance on him, he barely qualified, then he was very early on the get-away-from-Gregg-Marshall train out of Wichita. According to Rivals, WSU was his only offer.

Ah, gotcha. Makes sense thanks for providing the backstory

Remember covering a state finals game he played in against Brandon Fenner and Charleston. Those two dudes put on a show from deep.

He has turned out to be a very solid college player. A lot of folks didn’t think he would be.

No question about that. He didn’t show much sign of it in Wichita either; averaged 4.1 and 8.1 his two years there. He did start 11 games his second year as a Shocker, then has been a fulltime starter for the Paperclips.

Wonder who is Brandon Fenners Dad. I played against Glen Fenner at Charleston in mid 70’s and his Dad was Coach Fenner. Quite a basketball tree there along with the Rainwater’s. (All were good ballers).

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