Austin Reeves: Did I hear that right?

Wow! Austin is leading the Sooners in points, rebounds and assists. He has far exceeded what I thought his ceiling was.

I know why Arkansas could not sign him and how Wichita State took a chance on him qualifying, but in the history books he will be one of the key misses for Mike Anderson.

We will forgive MA for that “Miss” since he was so good at finding hidden gems like Qualls, Kingsley, and Adrio Bailey.

I’ll always wonder how things would have turned out if he had come here - either the first or when he transferred.

I will also remember him being the first recruit I interviewed after my mom and brother died in the car crash back in 2015.

Made the short trip from Newport to Newark after the funerals.

Seemed like a really good kid.

I remember being blown away by his game on championship Saturday in Hot Springs. Was really hoping he would be a Hog.

Kingsley was a 4 star, I wouldn’t count him as a “hidden gem”.

Throw Coty Clarke in, instead.

Wow, so many hidden gems that CMA found while at Arkansas?
How many NCAA tournament games did teams with any of those guys win during their college career?
They may have given Hog fans several exhilarating moments during their careers, but I wouldn’t call these guys gems, hidden or not.

Well Mr Farris, I enjoyed them. Sorry, you didn’t.

Didn’t say that I didn’t enjoy any of them, simply questioned the hidden gem statement compared against team accomplishments while they were on the hill.

If Qualls and Mason are not hidden gems, what is a hidden gem?

Basketball is a team game, so winning NCAA tournament games depends what is package with the hidden gem.

Just like Muss is banking on transfers, but. It’s what is packaged with the transfers is what will decide how many tournament games we win,

I don’t believe Mason Jones was mentioned in the hidden gems post.

I see that Austin is now listed at 206 lbs. He was rail thin in high school.

Dudley, do you see any similarities with Pinion and Reaves at their same high school stages?

I would say they have similar games, but I do think that Austin was more ball dominant in high school and Joseph less dependent on initiating the offense to get his points.

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